Monday, December 06, 2010

Advent Calendar Giveaway Day 6

The winner of the copy of Mistresses Shackled by Rubies was EV over at Tote Bags . So Ev Please email me with your postal address and I'll get your prize in the post to you.

Denise asked - I always meant to ask, why is it Sid who gets to pick winners, and not the other cats? Lucky Sid! =)

To be honest, Denise (and I can be honest because Sid is fast asleep in the other room!) - the answer is because Sid is greedy. He is guaranteed to be interested in the cat crunchies and when we let him go at all the names, has the enthusiasm to pick several winners without stopping! Which is useful when there is more than one winner.

And more than useful when there is a lot of winners - like the 25 winners of the Anniversary Contest I ran last month. (This means I'll have given away over 50 books in the last few weeks! It's a good thing I'm not celebrating 25 years of publication every year!)

Flora is usually difficult to find as she's out roaming in the garden, or woold be too miffed if we disturbed her sleep. And Dylan is getting so elderly that he sleeps most of the time and is never really that interested enough to bother!

So, Sid is more than happy to help - but we might start training up Charlie who is turning into a real trencherman and so I'm sure will be happy to become the prize pickers' assistant and learn how to follow in A Cat of Superior Breeding's pawprints. He's already trying to fill Sid's bed!

Today's book giveaway is slightly different - because there will be four giveaways! Two of these will be special prizes for my newsletter members.

And the book is the special M&B's 100th Birthday Collection novella - The Duke's Secret Wife.

Isabelle's secret marriage to Don Luis de Silva seems to be over. But the heir to the dukedom of Madriagalo demands that she return to Spain with him and pretend to be his fiancée - and then his wife!

What does Luis have to gain from this reunion - except Isabelle?

The Duke's Secret Wife was published in Society Weddings together with Promised to the Sheikh by Sharon Kendrick

And today's question is: Have you bought or put up your Christmas tree yet or do you prefer to wait until it gets closer to the actual day?

Now here's some news of another chance to win some of my books - there's a lot of giveaways around - it must be Christmas! Lovely Heather from We Write Romance is running a contest to give a chance to win one of five of my titles over on the We Write Romance web site blog.

Here's what Heather sent to me about this contest:We are running an end of year Kate Walker 25th Anniversary Celebration contest where we will be giving away 5 of your books! The contest started today through the 15th and is super simple to enter. The link is to the page is here So why not head over the We Write Romance and maybe you can win there too.

Over at Quiller's Place - Sally Quilford has started her special contest to win a copy of the 12 Point Guide to Writing Romance so if you'd like to win a copy of that, make sure you enter her contest this week.

And don't forget to keep coming back here every day between now and Christmas because every day there will be a different book on offer.


Laney4 said...

Hello, Kate!

We put up our tree and decorations two days ago. 'Tis very festive around here, what with the bright lights shining 3 feet from my chair of choice!

We usually put up our tree the day before our "family Christmas", usually mid to late November. However, this year we celebrated in mid October due to numerous scheduling conflicts, and you can bet we didn't decorate that early!

My DH puts up the outside lights in mid to late October when it is easier on his fingers, but we don't turn them on until the tree goes up.

I was hoping you'd answer Denise's question. What a great response! Good luck with that!

chey said...

We haven't put up our tree yet. Usually we wait until the middle of December.

Kirsten said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
runner10 said...

Hi, Kate.
We put our Christmas tree up right after Thanksgiving. I have most of my shopping done.
Hope you enjoy the holiday.

Nicolette said...

We put our decs up on Dec 3rd, as it's the day after my son's birthday. I never want him to feel that Christmas takes over his special day, so on Dec 2nd, it's all about his day, rather than the run up to Chrimbo.
But they're all up now and with the cards arriving, it gives me special permission to not dust until January!

Anonymous said...

Glad to meet your cats, they are real cute!!!

The tradition here in Germany is that the tree goes up on the 24th during the day, presents are opened in the evening and the tree comes down on the 6th January.

At home, in England, we had the tree up much earlier and opened our pressies on the morning of the 25th.

So, no tree yet.

in Germany

Kaelee said...

There is no tree here and hasn't been one for a number of years. The last tree we had ended up falling over with the assistance of our cat at the time. Bearcat has since crossed the rainbow bridge but we now have three cats and just don't want the fuss of a tree.
Our Dash, the incredible pest, who is a ginger cat could probably help Sid with the picks as he's a greedy pig. His two older sisters would be of no help at all. Cats have such diverse cat-personalities.
I'm on your mailing list

Question: you must be very busy as it's getting later each day when you post your blog. How do you manage to get everything done that you do?

Teresa Morgan said...

Hi, Kate,

I bought our tree last Friday (3rd Dec.) It's a real one - my dad helped collect it and put it in the back of his pickup.

We won't put it up till abit nearer the time. I like my son to have his birthday, and let him have his cards up for a bit, then the chrimbo decs will get put up. We do tend to go rather mad!

The tree is a biggie! Always like a big Christmas tree, and that fresh pine smell. (Though it's a Nordman so it won't drop needles like the other ones do).


Julie M said...

We always put ours up quite late, just a few days before Christmas. I'm not sure why we do it so late as my mum, sister and brother always put theirs up on December 1st.

Nas Dean said...


Our tree should have been up by now, but for some reason or other its not. It'll be up and decorated in a day or two.

I'm also in your newsletter list.

Happy holidays!

Kelly said...

Hi again Kate,

We put our tree up on November 28. It was just kind of a lazy Sunday and we decided to do it then. We usually put ours up just before December and take it down early January.

I'm also on your newsletter list.

Judy T. said...

Hi Kate,

We put our tree up a few days ago.

I'm on your newsletter list.

Laney4 said...

Oops. Was I supposed to tell you I'm on your newsletter list? Well, I am, and I'm darn proud of it! As always, many thanks, Kate.

Chrissy said...

well normally the tree would already be up and gifts wrapped and all that happy stuff but so far it hasn't happened... probably because I cannot find any of the Lifesavers candycanes I LOVE. Told the hubby I'm canceling Christmas on account of MIA candycanes. Have to check Fred Meyers and maybe even Walmart to see if they have them :)

Helen said...


We put our Christmas tree up last weekend 2 of our grandchildren decorated it LOL so it is very one sided and low with the decorations but they did have lots of fun LOL.

I loved The Duke's Secret Wife such a great story.

I am part of your newsletter group

Have Fun

Rachael Thomas said...

Hi Kate,
Our tree went up today!
It's earlier than I usually put it up, but both kids were home from school with colds and I thought they could do with some cheering up. I'm just waiting to see what our newly acquired cat thinks of it.
Also on the newsletter list.

Denise said...

Hi Kate! Hahaha I love Sid's greediness...that's so cute!! I'm surprised that the other cats aren't interested in the treats though; I've never had a pet who preferred sleep over treats!

Anyway, we've already put up our Christmas tree! We actually did it early, on Thanksgiving here in America, because we like having it up longer. Normally we use a fake, but we got a real one this year!

Denise said...

Oops, also forgot to add that I'm in your newsletter group! And I also very rudely forgot to say, thanks for answering my question! =)

Anonymous said...

When our daughter was a child we always put the tree up at the beginning of December. Now it goes up the week leading up to Christmas day.

Lois said...

Yep, it's up. I try to wait at least until the calendar turns to December instead of the day after Thanksgiving, so, yep, on the first we were at it. What I try for is to keep the decorations up for the real 12 days of Christmas, until after January, but it doesn't usually happen since it goes up so early. Oh well. LOL


Lois said...

Oh, and newsletter member here too! :)


maryreinert said...

I have always liked "Twas the Night before Christmas". I also like "Silent Night" by Mary Higgins Clark.

I am in your newsletter group.


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