Sunday, December 05, 2010

Advent Calendar Giveaway Day 5

The winners of yesterday's giveaway are
(yes, winnerS It was wonderful to see that so many of you had something special to celebrate - and some of those things were so very special so I was really glad I didn't have to choose. So I asked Sid to pick a couple of extra people to win copies of The Sicilian's Red-Hot Revenge too.
And he picked out:

Julie M
and Eva S

So ladies, will you please email me your postal address kate AT and I'll organise your prizes. If you already have this book please let me know and I'll try to arrange an alternative.

How fabulous to see all those weddings and anniversaries - and grandchildren and so much good news. I'm really glad I asked that question.

There is an Advent Calendar giveaway today - but it's in a different place this time.

Today is the first Sunday of the month and that's when I blog over on Tote Bags and Blogs so that's where you'll find the giveaway question. I've been logging about the way that getting ready for Christmas is very much like preparing to write and the writing a book. So why no join me over there? You can post your answers to the Giveaway question there too - or here - it doesn't matter which!

The Giveaway book today is another 3 in 1 Collection - MistressesShackled with Rubies is a collection that came out at the start of 2010. It has stories by Lucy Monroe and Lee Wilkinson together with my own Her Secret Bridegroom which was originally published back in 2000.

Bride by deception!

After a whirlwind wedding in Venice, Amy discovered that her brand-new husband had only married her to gain a priceless old ring. Fleeing Italy, Amy never told anyone of her marriage to ruthless billionaire Vincenzo Ravenelli.

Four years later, while Amy knew she'd never really love another man as she loved Vincenzo, she needed to be free of the past. The time had come to return to Venice and confront her secret bridegroom . . .
Hope to see you over on Tote Bags. The December 6th giveaway will be on this blog as usual.


Laney4 said...

As you've heard, I am a planner. No big surprise; I write out everything. Couldn't survive well without my lists.

One of my favourite things to do is figure out what someone would really, really like, and then be able to buy it for them at at-least 50% off (and wouldn't redeeming a coupon be a bonus?), especially if there is a price limit. After all, wouldn't it be nice to get a $40 present when everyone has a limit of $20, yet only $20 was spent?

Judy T. said...

hi Kate,
Definitely a planner here. I purchase gifts throughout the year and hide them away until xmas. Only problem is I sometimes forget where I hide them :)

Judy T. said...

oops, forgot to add that I am on your newsletter list.

Denise said...

Hi Kate! I'm definitely a dasher, but mostly due to the fact that I've had final exams right before Christmas for many, many years now, so I don't really have time to plan between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Maybe once I'm (finally) done with school I'll become more of a planner. But I'm able to avoid the crowds, thank goodness, thanks to online shopping!

Oh, and I'm in your newsletter group!

I always meant to ask, why is it Sid who gets to pick winners, and not the other cats? Lucky Sid! =)

Nicolette said...

I am definitely a planner, though this year I left it a little bit later to get everything done.
Last year, I was quite smug. I'd done all the Christmas shopping for the children and family by September. They were even (gasp!) wrapped and labelled all ready to go. But this year, I've only just finished. The last presents to go out are going to be posted tomorrow morning.
To be honest, I hadn't actually realised, until you asked, just how organised I am for this time of year.

Chrissy said...

well I tried posting at Tote Bags 'n Blogs but it's not taking SIGH... anyway, I'm a bit of both - I prefer online shopping far in advance for everyone I know what to get for and the rest I wait until the last minute and see what kind of deals I can get... otherwise, it's gift cards for all! LOL

This year I have MOST of the shopping done but nothing is wrapped and nope haven't even bought wrapping paper yet. The Christmas cards aren't done (and honestly I could't care less) and the tree isn't up yet.

Our youngest cat was diagnosed with feline leukemia last week and seems to be growing weaker by the day :( Did you know that the feline leukemia vaccine is only 60% effective? Anyway, that's definitely put a damper on the whole Christmas spirit :(

Julie M said...

I'm definitely a planner. I love lists! The gifts are all bought and wrapped, and the cards written. However, due to heavy snow there have been no postal collections/deliveries here for over a week so now its going to be a bit of a rush to get everything posted on time.

(I'm in your newsletter group.)

Nas Dean said...

Hi Kate, I'm definitely a planner. I buy gifts whenever I see something good and keep them to distribute at this time!

Jane said...

I try to plan ahead, but end up being a dasher. Some people are too hard to shop for and then I just end up buying gift cards.

I'm on your newsletter list.

Anita B. said...

I start off as a planner religiously year after year, but year after year I end up being a dasher!
Maybe next year....
PS I am on your newsletter list.

Kaelee said...

Thank you Kate ~ I left my answer on Tote Bags and Blogs . I couldn't post an answer without having a google account so my dear husband finally helped me set one up. I'm loving it already.

Debby said...

I will try and see you over there.
debby236 at att dot net

Kirsten said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I'm a planner. In fact I'm so much in advance this year I've eaten my christmas cake already!-Milly

Kate Walker said...

Laney I thought you'd be a planner - and clever with money too. I have a friend who is just like you

Judy - that was my problem when I decided to be organised ahead of time. I lost all the gifts I'd bought, bought new ones and then found them again - so I used the new lot for the following year!

Denise good luck with those exams. And I've answered your quesiton about Sid in my blog

Nicolette you sound really organised to me - I've sent off some parcels overseas but there are some still to get

Oh Chrissy - I so understand. How terribly sad for you. As you'll have seen on my blog I love my cats and it breaks my heart to lose any of them. I am so sorry about your little cat. I hope she(he?) is not suffering. Sending hugs of sympathy

Julie - we've been caught in the snow too. I had ordered some gifts in good time to send on in the mail but they've only just arrived today. I hope there will be no more delays

Hi Nas! It's great when you find the perfect gift ahesad of time - always worth picking it up then.

Jane - there are always some people who are tricky to buy for but at least with gift cards they get to choose their own present.

Anita, I understand that! I plan - with a long list - and then I always have someone left to buy foe at the last minute

Hi Kaelee! I saw you over at Tote Bags!

Debby - I saw you there too. I hope yu'll come back here and post again in the Advent Calendar

Kirsten I know what you mean. I have such wonderful ideas for Christmas, then I think - not yet . . and then I end up with too much to do at the last minute

Oh Milly! You've eaten your Christmas cake?! I'll let you into a secret - I once ate a box of chocolates I'd bought for someone and had to go and buy another. I hope you'll come by again


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