Thursday, December 02, 2010

Advent Calendar Giveaway Day 2

The winner of yesterday's copy of Bound By Blackmail is


Rachael, I have your address anyway, so I'll get your book in the post just as soon as I can manage to find a sledge and a team of huskies to take me to the Post Office! It may be a couple of days.

Book news

I just learned that in the new batch of ebooks that Harlequin are reissuing from authors' backlists, my 2003 title Desert Affair has been reissued as an ebook . Details can be found here

This book is surprisingly apposite at the moment as it starts with my hero and heroine meeting at an airport and then being un able to fly because of a major snowstormso ending up stranded in London for 3 days. (So why is it called Desert Affair? Don't ask!) I loved writing this story and creating the 20 'sensual stages of a super-sexy affair' to base the three days around.

Romantic Times called it 'and one of the most romantic and sensual premises around.'

Three days and nights in the arms of a sheikh!

Stranded with a devastatingly handsome stranger, Lydia Ashton decides to throw caution to the wind and spend a luxurious and passionate three days and nights in his arms. Soon she discovers that her charming stranger is the proud son of a sheikh, heir to the throne of Kuimar, and used to getting exactly what he wants. And he wants Lydia. Amir fulfills her every desire, and their passion seems to know no bounds. Lydia knows she has broken the rules by falling in love. Too late, she discovers why....

Desert Affair is also the book that had my worst ever UK cover - affectionately known as The Blob

So to celebrate the reissue of this, my first ever sheikh story, today's Advent Calendar giveaway is my 2006 title At The Sheikh's Command

Abbie Cavanaugh's young brother is in jail. Abbie can obtain his freedom - but only if she marries the Sheikh of Barakhara.
And bedded...
The explosive passion between Prince Malik and Abbie could turn a marriage of convenience into one of Eastern promise.
By The Sheikh!
But neither Abbie nor Malik knows the other's real identity. Can their relationship survive once the truth is revealed?

And today's question - answers in the comments to be in with a chance of winning - well, there's two - answer whichever takes your interest - or both!

Do you enjoy stories with Sheikhs as heroes - or would you rather give them a miss?

Have you been snowed in - or are you snowed in right now? How did you/are you coping?

Sid will pick the winner tomorrow . He says he's going nowhere in this white stuff.


Nas Dean said...

Hi Kate, ohhh I love Shiekh stories. And in the arms of one....
Everytime, I opt for a Shiekh story if given choices. But anyway even your Greek and other heros have a character depth which makes interesting read.

Nicolette said...

We're snowed in! The schools are closed, which cheered my youngest son up, Jack, because today is also his seventh birthday, so he got the day off school! Bless. (having all the kids off school has really thrown my week out, as I'm sure it has everyone else)
I do love sheikhs as heroes, but I prefer the understated sheikh. The one who just wants to be like everyone else and struggles against the expectations placed upon him by his society/country.

Rachael Thomas said...

A big thank you to Sid for picking my name yesterday.
We're not so much snowed in as iced in. The lanes from the farm to the main road are thick ice and it's very cold.
I love Shiekh stories and today's book is brilliant and certainly has a better cover than Desert Affair. It took me a while to work out what it was!

chey said...

We're not snowed in today, but we were on Tuesday! They didn't get around to plowing the roads in town until 4pm. The last 2 weeks of Nov, we had 3 snow days (when they cancel school buses). Saw a few kids out playing in the snow. Luckily we had internet so I kept busy.

Caroline said...

We've had very little snow Kate, thankfully. It's mainly due to the fact that we live on an island so the salt air keeps the snow away. It's a different story off Anglesey though, as Snowdonia looks like a winter wonderland. Take care in the snow. Caroline x

ilona said...

Do you enjoy stories with Sheikhs as heroes?
Oh yes, I love the exotic appeal of a Sheikh.

Have you been snowed in - or are you snowed in right now? How did you/are you coping?
Not yet snowed in but suffering with the cold whenever I have to go out on my mobility scooter. Hoping the heavy snow holds off until after I have shopped for the MIL tomorrow.

Laney4 said...

Hi Kate!

Didn't want you to think I'd abandoned you! Don't bother entering me in your contest, as I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED reading AT THE SHEIKH'S COMMAND. I too fell in love with the hero!

As for today's questions, I REALLY enjoy sheikhs as heroes. They can come to bed with me ANY time - at least the ones in the books can!

Yes, I've been snowed in before. I have no problem with it, perhaps because I am used to being home for several days on end. I have a stocked pantry and freezer, a barbecue with two propane tanks available, a can opener, lots of candles and flashlights with extra batteries, and hundreds (if not over 1000) romance books to read. Would I need anything else?


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