Friday, December 03, 2010

Advent Calendar Giveaway Day 3

The winner of yesterday's giveaway is Nicolette

Nicolette please email me kate AT with your postal address.

Thank you to everyone who posted an answer - I think Laney had it right about being snowed in is no real hardship when you have food, warmth - and a few books you want to read! I know this is perfect writing weather with so few distractions

Well, OK with a small ginger and white kitten distraction - and Charlie can be very distracting. He's thinking about writing the next instalment of his diary so watch out for that.

I've been getting some great covers lately. I'm still looking for my first new-style cover (for The Proud Wife out in March) but I've just discoivered this one for a 3-in-one collection coming in February - What do you think?

I haven't found out the title of my book in this collection but it's great to be in with a couple of my personal favourite authors so I'm looking foward to seeing this one and finding out just which novels are reprinted in it.

So today's giveaway is another 3 in 1 volume - this time it's Mistress Material where one of my books was included in a collection with titles by Lucy Monroe and Daphne Clair.

This edition is actually the Australian edition of this collection.
And the title of my book that's included in this volume is The Married Mistress which was originally published in 2003.

The Mistress’s hot news!
Gorgeous Greek tycoon Damon Nicolaides is always in the when the paparazzi get a tip-off about his new mistress, they come banging on her door.
The truth is that Sarah and Damon were married a year ago but Sarah left him, believing their marriage was a lie. Now Damon’s back to claim his wife, but first he must protect her from the press by pretending that Sarah is merely his mistress...and to do that, he tells her, they’ll have to make their ‘affair’ real!

The Married Mistress is linked to Their Secret Baby which tells the story of Sarah's boss Rhys and his hunt for his baby daughter.

Oh- and this book has recently be rereleased in ebook format so if you like your books in ebook form you can find the details here.

So today's question is: If you were putting together a 3 in 1 volume of Mills&Boon Modern/Harlequin Presents stories - which three authors would you love to include?

Answers in the comments section please - and Sid will get on the job of picing winners on Saturday morning.


Nas Dean said...

Hi Kate, I'm back again!
Well apart from the above pairing...

Kate Walker : paired with any of the following:

Anne McAllister
Nicola Marsh
Ally Blake
Trish Morey

Nas Dean said...

And duh..forgot to add..Congrats to Nicolette and Rachel yesterday!

Caroline said...

Great question Kate. But who to choose (apart from you of course!)

My 3 favourite authors would be

Kate Walker
Anne McAllister and,
Michelle Reid.

Keep warm - Caroline x

Nicolette said...

Yay, I won! Thanks ever so much. Are we allowed to keep entering the advent contest?

If I could pick three authors, along with yourself, I'd choose

Kate Hardy and India Grey.

Denise said...

Hi Kate! Ohh this is hard to narrow down to three! I'll take Nas Dean's route and say you, obviously, paired with any of the following: Anne McAllister, India Grey, Jane Porter, Natalie Anderson, Michelle Reid, Lynn Raye Harris, Kimberly Lang, Ally Blake, Kate Hewitt, and Trish Wylie. I'm sure there's others that I'm forgetting right now, but off the top of my head I'd be thrilled with a 3-in-one containing any of the above! You all have such different writing styles but I love all of your books!

chey said...

Great question!
Hard to choose.
Kate Walker
Kimberly Lang
Anne McAllister

Summer said...

Difficult to narrow it down to just three, which explains why it always takes me forever to decide which books to buy. I'll go with Kate Walker (of course), Ally Blake, and Natalie Anderson.

Jane said...

I would include India Grey, Kimberly Lang and Mira Lyn Kelly.

Laney4 said...

Kate, this is like choosing which is your favourite child! Not fair!

I have only been keeping track of books I've read for the past year. (I have read at least 250 romances/year since 1974 and never kept track before.) Looking through my notes of Presents/M&B books, I noted that I loved an anthology already written by Carole Mortimer, Rebecca Winters, and Marion Lennox - called CHRISTMAS PROPOSALS. For your answer, however, you KNOW I would have to choose you (DUH) - as I have read more of your books this year than anyone else's and loved, loved, loved them - and probably Abby Green and Anne McAllister (who apparently is quite popular in this blog)!

Thanks again for offering such generous contests.

GladysMP said...

My suthor xhoices:

Kaye Morgan
Kasey Michaels
Kate Walker

I never even realize their given names all started with "K" until I types this.

GladysMP said...

GladysMP said...
My author choices:

Kaye Morgan
Kasey Michaels
Kate Walker

I never even realized their given names all started with "K" until I typed this.


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