Saturday, December 11, 2010

Advent Calendar Giveaway Day 11

Oh dear, I really should think before I ask questions about books . . . All these wonderful titles you've listed - they are so tempting! And I had a long list already for myself . . .
Want to know what's on it?

Getting Away With It by Julie Cohen
The Drowning Girl - Margaret Leroy
The House at Midnight by Lucie Whitehouse
A Place of Secrets by Rachel Hore
Every Secret Thing by Susanna Kearsley
House Rules - Jodi Picoult

And of course the new M&B Modern romances

OK - the winner of a copy of Sicilian Husband, Blackmailed Bride from yesterday is Anita B.
One book choice of yours particularly interested me Anita - you mentioned Dancing on Thorns by Rebecca Horsfall. I met Rebecca some years ago, when I chaired a panel she was on at the Lincoln Book Festival. Her book was just out then.

Anyway, Anita - and all other prize winners, you know the drill by now - send your name and address to me kate @ - just close up the spaces.
Today's giveaway is a bit different -its sort of an antique! I found a copy of a long-ago Kate Walker novel - The Golden Thief goes right back to 1997 - and actually sold as a Harlequin Romance!

His cynicism appalled Jassy

And she had given the famous actor Leigh Benedict a piece of her mind.

"The acting world is a jungle," he'd said. "And the ones who start out with stars in their eyes sell their souls soon enough." But Jassy vowed she'd never resort to the type of tactics he seemed to expect.
Now, three years later, Jassy needed a job and Leigh needed a temporary secretary. Would they be able to put aside their personal feelings, Jassy wondered, or would the sparks fly once again . . .

Here's another book where the cover isn't exactly what I'd imagined. The hero, Leigh Benedict, is meant to be a Robert Redford lookalike . . .well that was the idea then! The hero on the cover is not really Redford, is he?

Film stars and actors aren't quite so popular any more either. But if you want to get your hands on a very early Kate Walker - now's your chance.

And today's question? The hero of The Golden Thief is a film star - so what films are you looking forward to seeing over the holiday period? In the cinema, on TV or perhaps a aDVD or two under the tree? Let me know - answers in the comments again, and I'll get Sid to pick a name tomorrow.


desere_steenberg said...

Hi Kate

Great contest !!! I would really love to see the Home Alone movies again !! And not forgetting It is a wonderful life and Santa Dogs so cute !! But there are so many wonderful movies that really show the spirit of christmas and what is really all about , celebrating the rememberence of the birth of Jesus, that it is really hard to chose so the above are just a few of my favorites !

Have great day and happy holidays to you and your family !

Your Fan

Nas Dean said...

I would like to watch Mom for Christmas, it has Oliver Newton-John.

Julie M said...

We're planning to go to the cinema to see "Voyage of the Dawn Treader". We rarely go to the cinema so it always seems like a big treat.

Two films we'll definitely watch on DVD this Christmas are "Love Actually" and "White Christmas".

We've bought "Toy Story 3" for Christmas, but have cheated and watched it already. I love a film which makes me laugh and cry.

Kaelee said...

I don't watch many movies and we don't go to the cinema at all as it's so expensive. I'd rather buy books. I am going to watch White Christmas today on the old movie channel on TV.

I have an antique(?) of yours. I own Game of Hazard which is a very wonderful story about being snowbound.

Caroline said...

Hi Kate. Loving your contest! I hope to have a few hours spare over Christmas to get out my all time favourite boxset of - yes you guessed it - "Pride and Prejudice" with Colin Firth. Ohhhh I can't wait...Caroline x

Anonymous said...

Oh!! I'm waiting for the new Narnia film, it's coming to our cinemas next week!!!

I also have the new Terry Pratchett film for the tree...Going Postal. Can't wait to watch it, if it's as good as the book it's going to be hilarious!!!

in Germany

maryreinert said...

I am looking forward to seeing Harry Potter's latest at the cinema.

I am in your newsletter group.

Mary Reinert

Chrissy said...

I don't have any plans to see any movies over the holidays. Oh wait... I have the Gene Simmons Family Jewels Seasons 4 and 5 preordered so maybe they'll be here in time for Christmas.

BTW Kate, I finally found the LifeSaver Candy Canes. LOL Cody (son) is happy since I've told him now that I have the candy canes we can put up the Christmas tree.

Debby said...

We always watch the Home Alone movies and The Christmas Story.
debby236 at att dot net

Nicolette said...

Ooh, I've read House Rules, it's so good and I could understand some of the issues within, as my son has Asperger's.

The film I love to watch over Chrimbo, is Miracle on 34th Street, the newer one with the little girl that played Matilda.

Laney4 said...

Hi, Kate.
Sorry for the delay. (Yes, I know I'm too late for your contest. Bummer!) I was alway from early morn till late at night yesterday, and I just fell into bed exhausted afterward. Sure hope I find some energy today!
As for film stars, I can never get too much of George Clooney . Don't know what movies that would entail, but I'll take what I can find - even if he's only on Entertainment Tonight or shows like that!
I hope you're having a great day! (It's raining away all our snow here.)


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