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Advent Calendar Giveaway Day 7

Four winners I promised you from yesterday's giveaway - so here are four names that Sid has picked out (and now you all know just why I use Sid to do the chosing!)
Judy T
Chrissy (and I hope you find the candy canes!)
Kirsten - I love the way you decorate your tree and the 'do you remember' game that goes with it

Just to make one thing clear - I was asked if I posted prizes overseas . One of my earlier winners lives in Finland and was concerned that I might not be prepared to send her prize to her. She needn't have worried! - Yes I do send out prizes overseas - anywhere I have readers I will send a prize. So don't let the fact that you live thousands of miles away hold you back from entering - my readers are my friends and distance is no problem for friends.

I found out today that the USA cover of my next book - The Proud Wife - is already up on The new-style UK one hasn't appeared but I'll post it when I find it. Anyway, the Presents Extra cover looks like this ------>

I like it a lot - though the clothing for my heroine in that particular scene isn't quite right. (You'll have to wait till March to see why) But the passion and the intensity is just perfect!
Anway, this cover reminded me of one of my personal favourite covers ever - the cover on The Italian's Forced Bride . In fact, with a change of hair colouring for the heroine and a slightlydifferent dress they could almost have been posed at the same time.

So that made me decide that today's Advent Calendar Giveaway title would be The Italian's Forced Bride. (2006/7)
"As long as I want you, you stay — and you only leave when I give you permission to go."

Alice Howard spent six passionate months as Domenico Parrisi's mistress. But she knew he would never love her back and would soon discard her — so she left him.

But now Domenico wants her back in his bed, and his terms of possession are the same as before—until he makes a discovery that changes everything: Alice is carrying his child.

This book won Best Mills & Boon Modern Romance in Cata Romance's Reviewers' Choice Awards and was a Waldenbooks #1 bestseller

Today's question is - What do you plan to eat for Christmas Day? Are you a traditionalist and just must have turkey and all the trimmings ? Or do you go for something different? What about thbose of you who don't live in the UK or America - Nas? Eva?

Here in this family we're veggie - except for my son's partner - so I make a special nut roast that tastes great. The only trouble is, you can't have it cold in sandwiches on Boxing Day!

You know the routine - answers in the comments please.
And yesterday's winners- Chrissy, Kelly, Judy and Kirsten please send me your postal addresses - email kate AT


Nas Dean said...

Hi Kate, in our country, on Christmas Day almost everyone would do a lovo! That's traditional Christmas's food marinated and wrapped in alumunium foil. Cooked on hot stones in an underground oven. "Lovo" is a Fijian word, whereas the Maori word for the same is "Hagi" used in NZ. Chicken, lamb and fish mainly. Vegetarians put taro and breadfruit, sweet potatoes! Served with fresh salad.

Nas Dean said...

And forgot...Congrats to the winners of yesterday!
And we make traditional pudding (steam) in coconut cream.

And yes, friends she posts prizes overseas...I received my copies of her:


I'm enjoying all these billionaires thanks to Queen Kate!

Nicolette said...

We're traditionalists. A fry-up for brekkie (for those that want it) and then Turkey with all the trimmings for dinner. We don't have christmas pud, or cake, as none of us eat it, so we make jelly and ice-cream instead. Then we pop open the tin of Roses and play cards or charades.

Teresa Morgan said...

Hi, Kate,

Christmas dinner is usually traditional in this house... though I tend to buy a crown now, rather than a whole turkey!

I always make sure there are sausages wrapped in bacon to accompany it! And of course, there will be Brussel sprouts.


Julie M said...

We're very traditional - turkey with all the trimmings. We buy a turkey joint as a whole turkey would be way too much as it's usually just the two of us (plus cats). We have the leftover turkey on Boxing Day with chips. They have to be proper deep fried chips too. It's the only time all year that the chip pan sees daylight!

(I'm in your newsletter group.)

alicia lambert said...

Hi Kate,
In the Caribbean, we tend to favour ham, pastelle, sorrel and ginger beer along with punch a creme for christmas day. Not forgetting the Black fruit cake, it is a must for christmas. That is the Trinidadian traditional christmas food.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Kate,
We're traditional too - turkey and trimmings. But the best bit is panetone and cream for breakfast!

CrystalGB said...

We always do the traditional turkey and trimmings.

Laney4 said...

I'm in Canada - turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes for sure. I mix up the veggy choices ... sometimes make biscuits or rolls ... sometimes serve tomato juice and/or apple juice/wine ... and don't always have dessert. (Pshaw, you say?) We aren't big dessert eaters here, so why gain more weight than we otherwise will? Oh yeah! We wear those silly clacker hats when we have company (as we often bring my MIL here for supper).

We open our gifts in the morning, make/take lots of family/friends phone calls, eat a good lunch, put the bird in the oven at 1:00, head out the door at 1:01, visit 2 of my DH's brothers and their families, visit (and/or pickup) DH's mother at a 3rd brother's place, and get home between 4:30-5:00 to cook up the potatoes, make the gravy, etc. After the dishes are done, we usually play board games.

Because I've lost 14 pounds in 5.5 weeks and plan on losing a great deal more, my Christmas plan is to eat a little bit of everything (except the dessert), which is pretty well what I do now, except there's a piece of bread with gravy with my name on it Dec 25/10!

Anonymous said...

Well, I live in Germany although I am a Brit and our Christmas is usually a mixture of two traditions.

I go for the whole turkey with trimmings thing. We have trifle for dessert. If I can find them, we have Christmas crackers on the table.

We also have what the Germans call 'Bunte Teller', loosely translated it means colourful plates. It's a metal or paper plate full of christmas goodies, cookies, cake, nuts, oranges, plate for everyone to snack on during the evening.


chey said...

It'll be a traditional turkey dinner. With shortbread for dessert.

Jane said...

We're having the traditional meal with the turkey or ham and green bean casserole(my favorite.)

Anonymous said...

We have a traditional Christmas dinner every year with my mum and my husband's mum, and our daughter and her boyfriend.My husband makes the stuffing (an old recipe of his mum's),and prepares all the vegetables etc and then I do the cooking alongside the turkey.
Anita B. (have had to put myself as anonymous because it's the only way I can succeed in posting this.
I'm in your newsletter group.

maryreinert said...

We usually have the traditional turkey with all the trimmings, but we have been known to change it up occasionally.

I am in your newletter group.

Summer said...

Traditional turkey, though our side dishes are a little different, sometimes perogies, or Asian flavors.

Chrissy said...

we don't do traditional anything - especially since our son won't eat most of the things that are served at the holidays. We opt for fun so pizza and movies normally is the fare at our house... heck we haven't even done Thanksgiving yet LOL

And thanks for the win yesterday! Seeing that notice made my so far crappy day infinitely better

Kaelee said...

Don't enter me in this draw. See below.

Having our turkey dinner on Boxing Day at my sister's place. What we will have for Christmas depends on the mood we are in and where we are.

Yes Kate sends books overseas. I am from Canada. I am currently reading The Italian's Forced Bride sent to me by Kate as I won it in her 25th year contest. It's a great story.

Lois said...

Hi again! :) Definitely already have the turkey in the freezer... to me, I don't think of that as *our* traditional meal -- I vastly prefer it, but as a kid, the Grandparents had more of a polish traditional meal, the pirogies, ham, etc... but I always hope I'm not going to see that. LOL Definitely want to repeat Thanksgiving again only a month later! :)



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