Monday, October 09, 2006

Big Cats again

Those who visit here regularly will know about 'my' big cats - the lionness and the tiger that I have adopted through the Born Free Foundation. Today I got my regular newsletter with updates about their progress and as many of you have asked for further news as I got it - here you go -Achee the young lionness is coming on in leaps and bounds - albeit very wobbly ones. The skeletal and nervous problems she suffers from as a result of her poor early diet will never improve to any great extent, but she is so much fitter now that this is helping to improve her unsteady gait. Achee is now transformed into a strong, powerful lionness. After the sad loss of my first two lions Raffi and Anthea, their enclosure was opened up so that Achee and another rescued lionness Ma Juah could share an extra 3 acres of space. These two lionnesses have moved on from merely tolerateing each other to becoming great friends and they have space and freedom to enjoy themselves in.

Roque the tiger is now a magnificent seven year old in his prime and is thriving wonderfully in the tiger sanctuary at Bannerhghatta, India. His is rather aloof and independent natured and likes to remain out of sight in the forest except at feed time when he has to clamber up a steep slope, about the size of a 2 storey house, to get to his night kraal where he is fed.All this is so much better and happier for him than his life in a Spanish pet shop from where he was rescued as a little cub.

Meanwhile there are still lions who need rescuing - the Born Free Foundation is trying to raise funds to rescue 3 lions (1 male and 2 females) who are in captivity in a French Circus. If you'd like to help, you can find the details here.


Anonymous said...

My daughter wants to spend part of her gap year in Africa looking after cubs that have been abandonded or orphaned. I do hope she'll be kept informed about the progress of 'her' cubs. Actually, reading your post has just given me an idea for a Christmas pressie. I'm buying my friend's grandson a goat for a family in a third world country but a big cat adoption might be nice for my daughter.

Diane said...

Beautiful cats, Kate. I love it when these rescued animals do well.

Kate Walker said...

Sharon, I remember you mentioned about your daughter when I posted bfore - I envy her the chance to look after cubs! If you get pics please let me see so I can be jealous all over again.

And I think a big cat adoption is a great Christmas present - that;s how I got my first lions.

Hi Diane - how nice to see a pic of you in person! Yes, it's wonderful isn't it to think of these beautiful creatures now roaming several acres when before they were chained up or in tiny pens. I love to think of how happy they must be. I just pray that the circus lions know that feeling soon too.


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