Friday, October 06, 2006

This is what yesterday was all about -

Thursday was National Poetry day - so a great day to launch a collection of poetry. For those who don't know the BM was Writer in residence in a prison for 3 years - and is now doing the same job in another prison elsewhere. This book is the result.

Because I'd deliberately not read any of the poems so I could come to this event fresh like everyone else, I sat in the audience and listened to my husband read his work - and I'm proud to say it moved me to tears.

And then I went to a dinner with staff from the prison and heard the Head of Learning speak of the hugely valuable contribution and the impact his work there has made - and I was in tears again.

Happy, proud tears - but then I never doubted it for a minute.


Anonymous said...

Lovely story, Kate. Glad it went so well.

And give Steve a big, big hug from me.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful. Quiet words of appreciation are the most valued and meaningful.

Michelle Styles said...

Lovely Story. And it is wodnerful that the BM has done this!

Give him a hug from me as well

Nell Dixon said...

Congrats to the Babe magnet! So pleased for you both.

Anne McAllister said...

Beautiful, Kate. And congrats to Steve!

Kate Walker said...

Thank you all

And the BM thanks you too - he enjoyed the hugs (I did too :-) )

Susan Rix said...

What a wonderful day! Congrats to your BM.

Sue :-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the BM, and lots of love from me, his proud cyber-kid!


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