Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Migraines, books - and upcoming books

This was the lost weekend. Every now and then I have one - a weekend lost to a migraine that makes life as I know it impossible. So the last couple of posts have been quick cut & paste jobs from notes/details I already had.

The only good thing to say about the migraine is that while I couldn't work on the screen I had a chance to read a couple of books - in snatches. It takes a good book to cope with the 'in snatches' part of that sentence so I was glad that the snatched books stood up to the test. Both were by authors 'down under'.

I met Trish Morey in New York when she had just had her very first Modern/Presents title accepted and we had a wonderful time together, including a dinner for all M&B authors when an awful amount of red wine got spilled on the (formerly) prisitine white starched linen table cloths. I must point out that I was totally innocent - I only ever drink white wine (for reasons - see the 'lost weekend' comment) - and so was Trish but it was one of those laughhter filled events that makes you friends very fast.

I've been reading Trish's books ever since and watching her grow as a writer, and I felt that her latest - A Virgin For The Taking - was one of her strongest books yet. Great stuff Trish - even in snatches.

One of the established Presents autors I have always really admired and read for pleasure has been Susan Napier. Sadly family circumstances meant that she had not been able to write for some time, but when I met her in new Zealand a couple of years ago I was thrilled to learn she had a new book scheduled, and more to follow. Mistress For A Weekend marked her return to the Presents/Modern line up and she has another title out in January. Welcome back Susan - I'm so looking forward to reading you again.

Before the migraine hit, I was talking to my lovely editor last week and discovered to my delight that I have plenty of publication dates lined up for the near future - so I thought I'd post advance details:

The Italian's Forced Bride - Presents February 2007
(This book has already been out in UK and Australia)

The Sicilian Brothers duo:

Sicilian Husband, Blackmailed Bride
UK M&B Modern Romance March 2007
Harlequin Presents - April
And probably M&B Sexy in Australia in April too

The Sicilian's Red-Hot Revenge - my 50th title
UK M&B Modern Romance June 2007
Australia M&B Sexy - probably in July
Presents - tba - but coming up soon

I will, of course, be celebrating that 50th in June next year - so watch out for that.

In the meantime, I have a Greek who was already causing trouble before I had to abandon him this weekend, so now I have to go back and try and sort him out.

And I hope to get back to more on how I came to write the sort of heroes I do - just as soon as I catch up elsewhwere.


Unknown said...

Sorry to hear that you've been feeling rough, Kate. I've only ever had a migraine once and I thought I wouldn't survive such agony, so big sympathy from me!

Anonymous said...

Kate, sorry to hear about the Migraine...my head hurts in sympathy. I hope it's totally gone now. You probably needed a break and a little catch up anyway! But could have done without the pain, I can imagine. Good luck with the Greek Salad, mine is turning into a bit of a disastrous souffle I fear...!
x Daisy

Anonymous said...

Oh, I used to suffer terribly from migraines but they disappeared thankfully!! I love all Susan Napier's books. Isn't MFAW a great story?? I love her heroines, they always seem to have a strikingly different appearance and the heroes are hot!!! I especially like The Mistress Deception!!! Can't wait for those Sicilian Men!!!

Anonymous said...

So sorry about the migraine, they are so vile. I hope you are feeling much better now.

I'm looking forward to your releases next year! A different line, I know, but I am not worthy to be shelf mates with you in both March and June!


Michelle Styles said...

Hugs on your migraine.

I am not your shelf mate :( But I am looking forward to your Sicilian men

I have decided Our Editor is scary. She does have an uncanny eye...

zuedaeus -- the sort of word you'd expect a Greek to use.

Anne McAllister said...

Take care of yourself, my dear. You need all your strength to do battle with your Greek (salad or not)!

Why does Michelle get all to good word verifications? Mine sounds like something you had for breakfast and didn't quite like: ytjrtp.

Kate Walker said...

Thank you all for your commiserations on the migraine - it makes it worth the lost weekend to come in here and read them all

India - welcome and many congratulations on your first acceptance - I hope it's the first of many. And I hope to meet you in person one day

Daisy - sat the moment the Greek Salad is really rather limp (like me!) but I hope to get to grips with him again. I'm sure the souffle isn't a disaster Cinday - my migraines used to be so much worse (hard to imagine but they were) I would lose a weekend a onth - now it's only about 1 in 4 thank heaven. I'm so glad that Susan Napier is back - and I do hope you enjoy those Sicilians. I know you like linked books.

Mags - that's so great that we're both out in the same month - I'll know exactly when to look for your next books then.

Hi Michelle - oh yes, our editor is very scary - and she definitely has such an eye for what abook needs - it comes from loving the books so much I think. You definitely got the best word verification - I have rhngwkjm - so I can't think of anything to make from that so I'm going to use it before I answer Anne and see if I can get something better .

I think your word is so suitable for someone who writes Romanc.

Kate Walker said...

Darn it! I meant to say - Michelle's word is so suitable for someone who writes ROMANS not romanc

You see Anne - that's why she gets the good words - it almost sounds Latin.

Did you know that if you get the word verification wrong when you type it, that they give you a new one - in bigger and clearer letters as if to say 'Try this, stupid!'

My word this time is klzfro - any suggestions?

blueberri said...

I'm glad you're back with us, Kate! {{{HUGS!}}} for the migraine! Those are no fun. If these dark stormy clouds would stop playing piggyback we might have a better chance. We've had weeks of bad weather in Michigan and the forecast is no better. When the sun shines I bolt out of the house to catch a few rays while I can.

I have trouble with the verification and wish they would give me the stupid ones first. :)

Have a super day!

AT THE SHEIKH'S COMMAND was an awesome read!!! The tension between Abbie and Malik was truly combustible!!! You worked your magic once again. :)


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