Friday, October 13, 2006

If it's October, it must be . . ..Christmas?

Well, look what came through the letterbox this morning. . . .
Now I'm officially scared - I haven't seen a trick or treater, there haven't been any bonfires or fireworks exploding in the night sky - but suddenly it seems that Christmas is all around me.

I could cope with the small Christmas section in Selfridges when I was in London - I knew it was there but I didn't have to go into it! But now when I go to my local garden centre, I have to walk through a Christmas wonderland to get there.

Don't get me wrong - I love it - love Christmas - but not yet. By the time December actually comes around, I'll not be seeing those displays any more, I'll be on glitter and bauble overload. I bought a magazine this week and it tells me all about gifts I can buy for everyone from the man in my life to the neighbours' dog - and I'm not ready for that.

I have a sister who buys things in the January sales for Chritsmas, has her presents wrapped and stashed away by this time of year. If I did that, I'd lose them and have to buy all over again.
Okay, I'll buy beautiful wrapping paper in the Jan sales - that way I use lovely designs that just seem outrageous at full price - but I like my Christmas in December.

Besides, I have a book on dreadline that has to be written and submitted before I can even think of anything else. So I'm mentally putting on a pair of Christmas blinkers right now - no looking at decorations, gifts, cards - at least until the Greek is off my desk and on my editor's.

Besides, I don't want to leap ahead to my Christmas book when I still have an October book out there and selling very nicely, thank you. I just learned that At The Sheikh's Command is on it's 3rd week on the USA booktrack Top 100 - and it's only just dropped from the #1 slot for best selling Presents titles on Barnes and Noble (and that was because it's now second to Lynne Graham and you can't quibble about that!)

I haven't even seen this one on the shelves in my local store yet - the delivery was late - so I have that treat to come today when I have to go into town, and I can see how it's doing. (And for those of you who are wondering - no the thrill doesn't go away, not even after 47 books!)

So I'll check it out this morning - but I won't be looking at the Christmas stuff . . .

Except that, hmm - I do need a couple of stockings to stuff with books for my Christmas contest . . .


Susan Rix said...

I agree, it is too early for Christmas, but that is one gorgeous cover you have there so now I can't wait!!

Sue :-)

PS Congrats on the success with the Sheikh book!

Sean Carter said...

I know Christmas Season always starts a little bit early but that's the way Christmas has always been.... Neways that's an amazing cover u got for the sheik book so i guess i'll have to buy it and i could even pick up some extra copies too as Christmas Gifts for my nephews who love to read... Peep into this amazing Christmas Blog to check out some really cool stuffs and unique ideas

Anonymous said...

I know it's a bit early for Christmas but when you come to think about it, there's not many weeks left to go before it. Especially when you think you have to buy the presents, wrap them up, write all the cards out and send them. All that takes a lot of time, and it's hard to fit it all in. Boots have their catalogue out already and I've browsed through it a few times. Cards and paper I bought in the January sales and I know where they are because I have a specific place for them.
Good luck with the deadline and hope you get that book written soon.

blueberri said...

No kidding about Christmas! We just had an unexpected 16 inches of snow. I'm happy to say it's melting. Our power was on and off for two days, mostly off.

I'm going to have DH check for your book tomorrow. I hope it's on the shelves now. :)

Kate Walker said...

Hi Sue - I'm glad you like the cover - don't forget that this is a reprint - a bok that came out in December 2002 (2003 in America) so it's in a 3in 1 volume By request.

Hi Julie. There's always such a lot to do for Christmas isn't there? But still I'd prefer to wait for all the major promotion of it till at least November.

Blue - the snow came! 16 inches of it! That is early - i hope it doesn't mean it's going to be a very bad winter. And is my book taking a long time to get out to you again? I do hope you find it this week - it's been out in other places for over 2 weeks now. Please let me know - and say Hi to DH for me. Hope he enjoys it too.

blueberri said...

Guess what I have, Kate! The cover is beautiful! And the words will be even more so!

WOOHOO! Now I can relax and have a great read! I'm already discussing it with DH. He was soooo nice to take me to town to look for it.

Thanks for the dedication!

lidia said...

The Sheikh book is my TBR pile. I picked it up as soon as I could so it wouldn't get out of stock.

I agree with you that the stores are decorating for Christmas way to early these days. It used to be after Thanksgiving, the after Halloween and now it seems that right after summer end some stores begin to decorate with Christmas stuff -- way too early for me.

Anne McAllister said...

Of course it's Christmas! ho, ho, ho. Get Sid a santa hat and put him on your webpage, THEN you'll feel more in the spirit of things!


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