Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Stretched too tight

Proofs. . .Deadline. . .Q&A. . .Accounts. . . BM's poetry book launch . . .

All of these need dealing with - all of them have to be done or at least have something done about them this week - okay - today. And I've tried to prioritise but it's just not working.

So somewhere right at the end of that list comes 'Blog'

No - no time for that. So I'll cheat. I had a couple of wonderful reviews for At The Sheikh's Command so I'll post a link to one at The Romance Readers Connection. (Seeing as it won't let me copy any part of it for you) Thank you to Debora Hosey for this one.

And here's a quote from the other one (Thank you Julie for putting such a smile on my face) -

Kate Walker’s name is synonymous with passionate romance, rich character
development and intense emotional intensity and her latest Harlequin Presents,
At the Sheikh’s Command, is no exception. . .

Kate Walker captures her readers’ attention from the very first page as she
draws them into her seductive world of passion, drama and secrets. Written with
plenty of heart and sensitivity, this is a marvelous page turner that shall keep
you turning the pages late into the night. Kate Walker’s intoxicating blend of
master storytelling, vividly drawn characters, fiery romance and heart wrenching
emotions is as irresistible as ever and her passionate tale shall delight
Harlequin Presents fans the world over! 4 1/2 stars

Julie Bonello . Read the whole review at CataRomance Reviews

And I'll be backas soon as I can find space to breathe!

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