Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Contests and Questions

Okay, so I admit it - I weakened and I looked at the Garden Centre Christmas stuff - but only so that I could find those stockings for my Christmas Contest. I found what I wanted - and they hold quite a few books! I just checked and I can get at least 8 paperbacks into each stocking - maybe more if I push! So the winners of my Christmas Contest are going to have plenty of great reading.

I already have two of the books you can win picked out. In fact, the authors have already sent them to me. As with the Bag of Books, I'll be adding titles by other authors I know, so that you will win a range of titles from different lines, and there will be a great variety for the winners. So watch this space for more news about the launch of that contest.

If you can't wait that long, Anne McAllister is running a Scavenger Hunt at the moment - Readers of this blog have an advantage with one of the questions as she wants to know the name of a certain Cat of Superior Breeding who often appears on these posts. You know who I mean. She's also used the contest as an excuse to put up another photo of Hugh Jackman. So why not take a look? You can win a 'Here Comes Winter' goody box.

And talking of questions - I've had a lot of letters from readers who have noticed that two special characters appear at the wedding of Malik and Abbie, the hero and heroine of my current release At The Sheikh's Command. Everyone wants to know if these two have their own story.

Well, the answer is yes, but the story is only in an ebook.

The good news is that the ebook is available to download for free. It's called Stolen By The Sheikh and it was the Writing Round Robin that I ran on eHarlequin.com last year.

The book is available here.

Which gives me an idea for my own mini contest. I have a signed copy of At The Sheikh's Command for the first person who emails me with the name of the hero and heroine of Stolen by the Sheikh who appear at Abbie and Malik's wedding. Send your answers to me (via my website) with Stolen by The Sheikh in the subject line.


Anne McAllister said...

Ah ha! I see you're giving away answers to my scavenger hunt questions! Not only answers -- but pictures! Oh, what a handsome cat.

word verification: frjmflaf (a norwegian sort of pancake, do you think?)

Kate Walker said...

Not answers - there is no mention of a name!

And yes indeed what a handsome cat.

I think frjmflaf is possibly the Norwegian for flimflam or some such - mine - uhhjqe is obviously the sound a villain makes when punched in the stomach in a James Bond film.

"Be very careful, Mr Bond - we have ways of making you uhhjqe"

blueberri said...

Kate, did you receive my contest entry? I sent it to you when I saw the post for it.

Hugs, Nancy


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