Tuesday, August 06, 2013

40 for 40 - Brand New Love Inspired Historical author - Danica Favorite

Today I'm getting the 40 for 40 celebration back on track with a very special guest.  Someone who is celebrating herself  because Danica Favorite is celebrating her very fist sale. I'm so happy for her. I met Danica on line on the eHarlequin  forums - and then in reality when I went to RWA conferences in New York, Denver, San Francisco.

Ten years ago (was it really back in 2003?) Danica and other members of the eHarlequin group the Gonnabeez presented the Babe Magnet and I with  such a wonderful gift - the anniversary scrap book  she talks about below.  It was the loveliest thing. I still have that album, I treasure it - and you can see a pic of Danica's page posted below.
Thank you Danica  (and all the 'Beez') for your friendship, your thoughtfulness  in planning and organising that special gift and  sharing that special day with us.  It's a wonderful memory.

I only wish I could have created another great memory by being at RWA to share your  special day at conference this time. But I was there in spirit - sending you that special hug.

Here's Danica:

Wow! -I can't believe we are celebrating another anniversary for Kate Walker! Several years ago, a group of us got together to make an anniversary scrapbook for Kate and her hubby. So of course I could not resist the opportunity to celebrate again. One of my favorite parts of conferences where Kate and the Babe Magnet are in attendance is getting to spend time with such a lovely couple.

This year's RWA conference in Atlanta was special for me because I celebrated my first sale to Love Inspired Historical, and so many special authors who have been there supporting me all those years were there to congratulate me in person. The hug I most missed, however, was the one I know Kate would have given me- she is such a special encourager to me.

The journey to my first sale took twelve long years, and I'm so thankful to have people like Kate who cheered me on along the way. Since this post is also celebrating marriage and anniversaries, I should give a shout out to one of my
Danica's page in the album
biggest cheerleaders- my husband. We just celebrated 14 years of marriage. I'm sure when we got married, he never expected the crazy ride of publication, nor that it would take so long. However, he supported me anyway, and whenever I wanted to go to a conference, or take a class, or do something else to further my craft, he always did everything in his power to make it happen. A man who encourages his wife to achieve her dreams- now that's a hero to me!

My book won't be out until late 2014 or early 2015. So in lieu of a book prize, I'm offering some tea. My friends and I went to a lovely tea place called Dr. Bombay's Underwater Tea Party (link: http://www.drbombays.com/) where the proceeds from the tea go to supporting women's education in India- I love that we went to a place that believes in helping make dreams come true.

So to all of you with a dream, go hug the people who encourage you! And if your dream hasn't come true yet, keep believing.

You can visit my website at www.danicafavorite.com, like my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DanicaFavoriteAuthor or Follow me on Twitter: @danicafavorite

Danica would love you to share with her your stories of the people who encourage and support you - the people who encourage you to believe in your dreams. Do you have a special person like that it your life?  Let her know by writing in the comments section. You could win some of that special tea.


Laney4 said...

Congratulations, Danica!
I love the scrapbook page. Reminds me of MY scrapbooks (a WIP for sure, as I'm only on 1992 right now).
When we wed in 1981, we kept the photographer's 4x6 pics and mixed in tons from family and friends. I kept them in a regular photo album with 4x6 slots, but when finding so many items that wouldn't fit into those slots, I changed over to a magnetic album, adding my own comments. Alas, I SHOULD move them into a scrapbook. Can you believe I never thought of it till this moment? Thanks for showing us that page, as it really did make me realize that my wedding photos deserve more care than what they are receiving now.

Danica/Dream said...

Laney, I'm so with you on needing to get those scrapbooks done. I just made a special book for another special someone in my life, and I was really overwhelmed at how many pictures I have and how disorganized they all are!

And if you look closely at the page, you can see my favorite photo of my wedding to hubby.

traveler said...

I am impressed with the beautiful scrapbook page. I have been creating scrapbooks since I was very young and they are popular at that time. they are important and a treasure for me and my family. Best wishes and much happiness.

petite said...

Whenever I received photos which were many and varied over the years, I immediately collated them in a scrapbook which I collected and cherished. I hope that my descendants will value these wonderful and special artistic endeavors. Congratulations Danica!

bn100 said...

my family

Mary Preston said...

I have a very large and supportive family. We are all close.

Loving the scrapbook idea. I need to get busy.

Eli Yanti said...

My cousin all the time :)

Danica/Dream said...

Thanks Traveler and Petite! I really wish I had more time to scrapbook because I really enjoy it!

bn100 and Mary, it's great having a supportive family isn't it?

Eli, you're so lucky to have a cousin like that!

Kaelee said...

Danica ~ I know this is way past the time I should have been commenting but I just have to pop in and say how much I'm looking forward to reading your debut. Also I love your last name.

My best support system without a doubt is my husband who through the years has supported me in many ways. The biggest support came when my parents moved in with us. My mom lived with us for about 8 months until she passed away and my dad lived with us for about a year. my dad moved into extended care at that time and my husband and I made the two and a half hour trip to visit him often before he also passed away about 5 months later.


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