Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Winners - and a new guest

I have  a few winners to announce
Heidi Rice  picked  Jo's Daughter

Lesley Horton picked  Traveler

Anna Louise Lucia picked Mary Preston  (who wins her choice of a book from my backlist)

If you don't know the drill by now,  you should!
Email me at katewalker AT ntlworld.com  with your postal address and the name of the donor of your prize, and I'll send the details to them.

I don't know if anyone's been counting, but I think we're over 40 guests now - but still they keep coming! Just yesterday I received a new post - and a new prize - from another author friend who wanted to join in - so , it's taken a little shifting around of the timetable, but now the timetable looks like this

14th - Presents author  Michelle Reid
15th  - Presents author Trish Morey
16th - Brand new Presents author - Michelle Smart

And today's unexpected guest  Sophie Weston  is coming up


Mary Preston said...

Thank you once again. (Email sent.)

So many amazing authors and books.

Kaelee said...

Hi Kate. Just popping in to tell you that I have now read all your 40 for 40 posts and have really enjoyed them. Getting a glimpse into some of my favorite authors lives has been wonderful and meeting a few new ones even more so. Thanks for sharing your celebrations with all your readers in such a unique way. Looking forward to celebrating 50 for 50 in another 10 years time.


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