Saturday, August 10, 2013

40 for 40 - Helen Bianchin

 The 40 for 40 celebration is drawing to a close - but there are still some wonderful authors for you to meet - and there are some real superstars amongst them.

One of these is today's special guest - the wonderful  Helen Bianchin.  Sadly, Helen is one of the special friends that I have yet to meet in person and as she lives on the opposite side of the world to me, in Australia, achieving my ambition of meeting her face to face isn't going to be easy. 
Helen has been part of my romance writing life for far long than I (or, I'm sure, she) care to remember.  Way back when, before I was ever published, I used to read Helen's books to learn about the intensity, the sensuality and the passion that went into writing  M&B Modern/Harlequin Presents novels. She has been part of my journey to publication, through my time as a published author  and now, when I'm proud to call her a friend even if that friendship is sadly the long-distance one it has to be.

Thank you Helen for all those years of romance through your books, and friendship through your emails.  I'm crossing my fingers that one day we will be able to make that face to face meeting.

Welcome, Helen!
Wedding anniversaries reflect fond memories of the day the marriage took place. The excitement, love, hope for the future, joy, pleasure shared with family and friends.

I met my future husband walking towards me on a pavement in the city of Cairns, Australia (we won't say exactly how long ago). My initial reaction being hmn, not bad.

Strangers going in the opposite direction who looked but didn't speak. Little did I imagine I might meet him a few weeks later in the small country town of Mareeba on the Atherton Tablelands. Long story short, he was an Italian tobacco share-farmer, we did speak (he in fractured English, which improved over time with some hilarious results), the courtship led to marriage, the highs and lows of tobacco growing life, family, a move to Auckland, New Zealand for several years, followed by a return to Queensland, Australia, where the family expanded with the addition of a son-in-law, two daughters-in-law, and now six young grandchildren.   

During my writing career I have formed many friendships with fellow authors around the world,
and Kate's  friendship is one I highly value. 
A 40th wedding anniversary is very special, and I wish Kate  and Steve my heartfelt congratulations and best wishes, with many more wedding anniversaries to share.  I hope you celebrated the day in style,  with fun, laughter, high spirits and lovely memories.

I have a giveaway to offer .. An autographed hard copy of "Alessandro's Prize",  to the person who answers the following question:
"What are your favourite flowers for a bridal bouquet?"   


Mary Preston said...

Small world. My brother lived up at Mareeba for years. He builds dams. Well, he helps to draw up the plans for them. When he married, the whole family stayed in a rented house beside the dam. We walked across the dam in the dark. The water looked black. It was very spooky.

I think that any flower that has great significance to you personally is going to be a favourite. I wanted white roses in mine for the beauty and to remember my Grandmother.

Kaelee said...

I had coral roses in my bouquet but my sister had three orchids in her bouquet. She gave her bouquet to our paternal grandmother as purple was her favorite color. My grandmother had only seen orchids in pictures and was thrilled with them in person. She kept the bouquet in her fridge and took it out daily to look at it for what seemed like a long time. My grandma passed away before some types of orchids became houseplants here. Whenever i buy myself an orchid I think of my sister's bouquet and little grandma.

I like orchids in a wedding bouquet.

Caroline said...

White roses have to be my favourite with some greenery interspersed. Like Kate I've been reading your book's for years now, Helen. So good to see you here. Caroline xx

bn100 said...


Jo's Daughter said...

Yellow roses, daffodills & grape hyacinths

Catherine said...

I have seen many wonderful wedding flowers but the beauty of dusty blue anemones stands out as most lovely to me. My favourite bouquet was a small cluster of anemones tied with trailing blue silk ribbons.
I have enjoyed your books for years Helen (ever since reading Avenging Angel) and am ever hopeful that I will see another one out.
Thank you both for the hours of pleasure that I have had reading your wonderful romance stories!

Laney4 said...

I can't even remember what flowers I had 32 years ago. They were silk with various colours - probably roses - and I still have it on display (but am too lazy to walk upstairs to look, LOL).
Loved loved loved Alessandro's Prize. I liked his sense of responsibility, his held-in power, and his gentleness. I liked reading both of their points of views/feelings. I also liked much more about the story, but I won't give anything away. Suffice to say, I discovered Helen's books last year and have read 11 so far, with my 12th in my TBR pile. Can hardly wait....

Eli Yanti said...

Rose :)


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