Sunday, August 11, 2013

40 for 40 - Sandra Marton

I don't think today's guest blogger needs much introduction - not to anyone who  reads Modern Romance/Harlequin  Presents novels. I know I had read so many of Sandra's books before I was lucky enough to meet her in person. That was at one of the RWA conferences I went to and Sandra had invited her fellow Presents authors to her room  for pizza after the literacy signing - a wonderful idea that has now become a well-established tradition at this event.

Later, Sandra and her lovely husband came over to the UK  to attend AMBA  and we were able to build on our friendship - with the added bonus that my husband and hers also got on so very well  together. Good friends are like that, no matter how long you have to spend apart, you can pick up again when you do meet up. We have also been able to add Michelle Reid and her husband into the group  so that we can call the husbands The Three Musketeers.

So how could I enjoy the 40 for 40 celebrations without these two special friends  to share it? You've already met Michelle Reid - and I'm delighted to include today's very special guest - the lovely

Sandra Marton

What a joy it is to wish Happy Fortieth Anniversary to Kate and Steve!  I'd read Kate for years before I met her and when I did, I was delighted to learn that's she 's not just a wonderful writer, she's also a wonderful woman. And her husband... He's such fun to talk to! Steve is absolutely the right man for Kate: he's interesting and knowledgeable about  a whole variety of things.  They're the perfect couple. When you're with them, you can feel the love and respect they share. Isn't that what we all want in our relationships? Isn't it what readers want in the stories we authors write? It's lovely to see that the happy couples Kate brings us in her books have a solid grounding in the reality of her own life. I'm proud to be one of Kate's sister writers, and proud to be a friend of these great people.

My latest book, Emily: Sex & Sensibility, is the story of two people who discover what I'm sure Kate and Steve already know. If  love is strong,  nothing can destroy it.  Emily Wilde falls head over heels in love with Marco Santini and Marco, who's never loved anyone, falls equally hard. But Emily is trapped in a network of lies and she fears what will happen when those lies are revealed. I can't tell you any more but I can tell you that I loved creating Emily: she's so real, so flawed and, at the same time, so good and generous of heart that, in many ways, she is Everywoman--or, at least, Everywoman who becomes the lover of a sexy, gorgeous, powerful

Italian billionaire.  So, what do you think?

Can a love affair that has a rocky start still end happily?

Let me know and you might be the lucky winner of a signed paperback copy of Emily: Sex & Sensibility.

Happy Anniversary, Kate and Steve! And may you have many, many more.



Laney4 said...

Can a love affair that has a rocky start still end happily?
Well, they sure as heck better, as why am I reading romances???
Seriously, though, there is no doubt in my mind that they can. There is no magical formula for romance; there are different ingredients because there are different people involved. Some have a rocky start; some don't. Some are whirlwind; some take ages to grow and flourish. The list goes on and on.

Kaelee said...

Well a rocky start is not a romance killer. My husband and I dated for a while and then we broke up for a while. Then we dated for a while and got married. There have been a few bumps along the way but we managed to overcome them and our marriage is a lot stronger because it has been tried and tested.

I've read many an enjoyable story of yours over the years, Thank you so much for all of them.

Sandra Marton said...

One of the best things about love is that it's never the same for people.

I love what Kaelee said about relationships growing stronger.

And I agree with Laney4. There is no magical formula. That's aa8hnte 57one of the joyous mysteries about romance, isn't it?

bn100 said...

yes, and usually makes for a better story

Mary Preston said...

I almost expect a bit of a rocky start. Two people trying to figure things out. How they feel, what they believe in, values etc. It takes time to get to know someone. You will not always agree on everything, so lots to sort through & work out. If it's the right person for you, the smooth sailing will hopefully be just on the horizon. (I don't know why my head is on the ocean right now!!!)

Sandra Marton said...

LOL,Mary! The ocean is a lovely place to be!

Eli Yanti said...

I think everyone deserve to have a happy ending story in their lives


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