Thursday, August 08, 2013

40 for 40 - Lesley Horton

Now today's guest is a very special one - and that's because she's sharing  her (and her husband's ) truly special day with me - and with you.

I'm celebrating my Ruby Wedding but Lesley and Brian are a truly golden couple as they celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. I'm cheering and celebrating as I say this  - I'm so happy for such a lovely couple.

I just spent a wonderful week with Lesley at Caerleon Writers' Holiday where she was teaching the Novel Writing course. We had a lot of fun together, talking about writing, about life - and highlighter pens (wonderful for editing your manuscript!).

From Lesley to Kate

You can imagine how grateful I am to Kate for giving me this particular slot because by chance today is my Golden Wedding anniversary. Brian and I were married on this very date in 1963.  In fact it turned out to be quite an auspicious one since it was the day of what is now known as The Great Train Robbery. Without going into detail, the men stopped the Royal Mail train on its way to London and stole £2.1 million. It was, and still is, considered one of the most infamous robberies of all time and no doubt this year we will have to share our fiftieth anniversary with that of the fifteen who carried out the raid. Is it any wonder I write crime novels?

My husband, Brian, and I met on holiday – at least he was on holiday and I was a student teacher spending my vacation working as one of the sports hostesses at the holiday camp in north Wales. The first night he asked me to dance and when the week was over, we kept in touch. He is originally from the Midlands and I was at college in Bristol and we were able to see each other most weekends. Of course everyone said it wouldn’t last – holiday romances never do – but we became engaged in 1960
and were married in a village chapel about a hundred yards from where I lived. I could have walked to my wedding, but I was determined to arrive by car, so I asked the driver to take the scenic route – past the chapel, up the hill, turn at the top and back down.  It was fun as to see the faces of the bridesmaids waiting outside the gates when we didn’t stop and the relief when we reappeared. They must have thought I was leaving my fiancé standing at the altar. Yet here we are fifty years, three children, six grandchildren, one great grandchild and three cats later celebrating our golden wedding.

We have more in common with Kate and Steve than an anniversary and our love of writing.  They met at the University of Aberystwyth; my daughter was a student there for several years while we spent much of our time hunting for rogue change behind the cushions of the settee while she gained her first degree, her Master’s and her Ph.D.  Of course we also share our love of cats. Where would be without our cats, Kate and Steve? They keep us sane – or do they?  I sometimes wonder. They know the house is theirs, that we are there only to serve them and without a doubt they keep us poo
r when they visit the vets. But we wouldn’t be without them would we?  

What more can I say Kate and Steve, except that I am so pleased to be part of ruby wedding celebrations and that Brian and I are richer for having met you. We love you both.

Lesley's question - with her memories of her wedding day in mind  - is this -
Is there some special event - historical - dramatic - funny - that was in the news in the year you were married?  Share you memories with her.

Lesley will give away a copy of Twisted Tracks to one lucky commenter.
Once again Lesley - Many Congratulations on this very special day to you and Brian.


Sally said...

Congratulations to you both on your Golden Wedding Anniversary.

September 11 1976 was the date of my first wedding and it is now synonymous with the attack on the twin towers in 2001. I was married to my first husband for 23 years and always feel regret on that day for my wedding day but in the context of all those innocent and brave people who lost their lives or who suffered injuries from that disaster, it seems rather self indulgent to remember a happy day. I have now been happily married to my second husband for ten years.

I hope you have some celebrations planned.

petite said...

My wedding took place in Montreal, May 24, 1970 and this is Victoria Day in Canada. A wonderful celebration which has endured and continues to captivate me.

traveler said...

Congratulations and best wishes on your Golden Wedding Anniversary. The date when we were married took place the day after my parents anniversary. We cherish that date very much and hope to be married as long as my parents are.

bn100 said...


Mary Preston said...

Congratulations on your Golden Wedding Anniversary!! That's wonderful.

I have read about The Great Train Robbery over the years.

I was married the same year as Prince Charles & Lady Diana. Mine was obviously not as grand. A touch more private too.

Kaelee said...

I was married on August 3 which is sometimes part of a long weekend in Canada. I met my husband in 1967 which was Canada's centenial year but I didn't marry him until 1968.

Madalyn Morgan said...

★*Happy Wedding Anniversary*★ to you, Kate, and to Lesley Horton. How wonderful to find love when you're young, that grows and matures and is still strong after 40 and 50 years. Congratulations.

I learned a great deal working on my second novel with Lesley at Caerleon. And I look forward to working with you on my third novel next year at Fishguard. Love and happiness to you both, and your husbands of course. Madalyn x


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