Tuesday, August 20, 2013

40 for 40 - final winners and Thank you

So the 40 for 40 celebration has finally come to an end. I hope you've enjoyed meeting so many of my friends. The '40 for 40'  ended up at 45 for 40 so there has been a lot of posts to read and plenty of fabulous authors to meet.

I have the final  set of winners to announce so that these readers can claim their prizes. So here goes:

Sandra Marton has chosen Kaelee
Helen Bianchin picked Laney4
Sophie Weston's choice was Kaelee
Michelle Smart  chose Eli Yanti
and Victoria Parker chose Julie M

Please will the winders make sure that I have an email ( katewalker AT ntlworld.com)  with your postal address so that I can forward that to your author and then can sort out your prize for you.

and that, I think, is it!

Except that to round up this very special celebration, I have to send a great big thank you to to all the special guests who came, blogged, and offered giveaways.
So thank you to:
  1. Dee Tenorio
  2. Holly Jacobs
  3. Melanie Milburne
  4. Anne McAllister
  5. Sally Quilford
  6. Michelle Styles
  7. Scarlet Wilson
  8. Jane Jackson
  9. Louise Allen
  10. Zoe Sharp
  11. Anna Campbell
  12. Kate Hardy
  13. Donna Alward
  14. Kate Walker
  15. The Babe Magnet
  16. LoveCats Downunder
  17. Janet Gover
  18. Fiona Harper
  19. Margaret Mayo
  20. Julie Cohen
  21. Liz Fenwick
  22. Nell Dixon
  23. Lynn Raye Harris
  24. Jane Porter
  25. Annie West
  26. Susan Stephens
  27. Anna Louise Lucia
  28. Anna Sugden
  29. Pamela Hartshorne/Jessica Hart
  30. Chantelle Shaw
  31. Tawny Weber
  32.  Liz Fielding
  33. India Grey
  34. Danica Favorite
  35. CC Coburn
  36. Lesley Horton
  37. Heidi Rice
  38. Helen Bianchin
  39. Sandra Marton
  40. Janet Laurence
  41. Sophie Weston
  42. Michelle Reid
  43. Trish Morey
  44. Michelle Smart
  45. Victoria Parker
And thank you to everyone who came by, read, commented and joined in.


Mary Preston said...

Congratulations everyone!!

Thank you Kate for the 40 for 40. It was so much fun sharing your anniversary with you.

Just look at the incredible line up & you will see why my reading list has grown.

Sally said...

It's been lovely following this special anniversary with you and thank you for introducing me to lots of lovely new authors.

Kaelee said...

Thank you Kate for sharing all your friends with us.

An email will be on it's way.

Jo's Daughter said...

It's been so much fun! Really enjoyed it & super excited about soon being able to read Heidi's new book. Thanks Kate!!!!


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