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40 for 40 - Heidi Rice

I have  to admit that I've not been quite sure how to introduce Heidi Rice to you all. She's written some great books - and they all seem   to have appeared in differently (named)  lines!

So do I say she writes for Modern Extra/Modern Heat/RIVA/KISS . .  . or Modern Tempted! (I think the last two are the current USA and UK names for the lines - so we'll go with those!)

   I first met her at an RNA Awards lunch and I've been reading her work ever since. It doesn't matter what you call the lines she appears in, though though - whichever line she writes for,  Heidi's books are great fun  and sexy as can be.

So I'm delighted to welcome Heidi to my blog to tell you about the new  name for KISS in the UK  - and the special mini-series -   The Wedding Season.

So here's Heidi:

First off a big congrats to Kate and the Babe Magnet... 40 years of togetherness is so AWESOME.

Have to admit I'm not quite there yet with my OH, but given our exceedingly low-key wedding - involving a weekend elopement to NYC and nuptials at Manhattan City Hall - I'm pretty impressed with how long our marriage has lasted.

As it happens, a very similar low-key wedding at Manhattan's wonderful Art Deco marriage bureau provides the setting for the big resolution scene in my next book for Harlequin KISS, Maid of Dishonor - the third book in The Wedding Season quartet which I wrote with the fabulous Aimee Carson, Amy Andrews and Kimberly Lang.

It's not my hero and heroine - gorgeous Southern hottie Carter Price & British bad girl Gina Carrington - who are getting married... But rather geeky astrologer Cassie Barkley and hunky ex-quarterback Sam Tucker - the hero and heroine from Amy Andrews super-sexy second book, The Girl Least Likely to Marry. But I couldn't think of a better place for Carter and Gina to finally declare their Happy Ever After - after their very rocky road to love and romance - than the place where I found mine!

If you want more info on the other books in the series you can check out our Wedding Season fanpage on Facebook.... Or our Wedding Season boards on Pinterest, featuring all sorts of fabulousness inspired by the stories of four former college roomies and how they found love, and re-found each other during one very eventful summer. And to get you in the mood you can also download Aimee Carson's FREE prequel novella, The Wedding Dress Diaries.

If you're not in the US, the books will be coming out in Modern Tempted (the new home of RIVA) starting in September!

I'll be giving away a copy of Maid of Dishonor to one lucky commentator on this wonderful Kate Walker Anniversary blog. All you have to do is answer the following question:

What is the MOST romantic wedding ever and why?

 It could be yours, a friend's, one you dreamt of doing one day, or even one you've seen on TV, in a movie, or read in a book. I'd love to know, as it might be great inspiration for my next book!


CC Coburn said...

Hi Heidi, I'm so looking forward to meeting you next month and love your latest title!
I'm not very romantic, but when my London based daughter decided to marry her lovely Dutch boyfriend in the UK, I thought: what could be more romantic than an English country house wedding? Their engagement was a short (for these days) 3 months. Thank goodness for the internet as I was organising it from Australia and found the most beautiful country house on the banks of the Tamar River in Cornwall - Pentille Castle Their guest list was thankfully small and all 24 of us were able to be accommodated in the castle. My daughter looked gorgeous, her groom (well, gorgeous too!) the flowers, the food, the company - all superb! We had a three day country house party that was so much fun. I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.

Heidi Rice said...

O WOW CC, that's sounds wonderful... Cornwall always makes me think of Frenchman's Creek and Daphne Du Maurier - very romantic and dramatic and that castle looks gorgeous... Now I'm wishing I could get married all over again.

Caroline said...

Hi Heidi. Good to see you here. I think royal weddings are always lovely. All that pomp and ceremony that we would like to emulate if only we had the money! If it was mine I would love the flypast. How cool would that be!!! Caroline xx

Heidi Rice said...

Very true Caroline... Have to admit after swearing I was going to boycott Will & Kate's wedding on principle (I'm not much of a royalist, I will admit) I nipped in to watch it for a few minutes and ended up sitting through the whole fricking thing... What can I say, I'm a romance author, it's obviously in my genes!!

bn100 said...

William and Catherine's because it looked like they enjoyed it

Anita H. said...

Hi Heidi, I thing Willian and Kate's Royal Wedding was very romantic. A horse-drawn carriage, a gorgeous gown, a beautiful tiara, and a handsome prince...what could be more romantic than that??

Congrats Kate, 40 years together is just fabulous! :)

Mary Preston said...

I always thought that the marriage of Prince Ranier and Grace Kelly was incredibly romantic. She was just so beautiful, and what you might call Hollywood Royalty, and he was a real life Prince. Straight out of a Romance novel.

Ada said...

I too think the royal wedding was just terribly romantic. Imagine getting swept off your feet by a prince, it totally reminded me of fairy tales I used to read! Princess Kate was just glowing beautifully, and Prince William was dashingly handsome. They looked so in love and well on their way to HEA.

Heidi Rice said...

Ahh, Anita and Mary and Ada so you guys got hooked on Royal Weddings too...

Mary, I agree about Grace Kelly, one of the most beautiful women ever, although personally I think I would have gone for Cary Grant instead of Prince Rainier, but they seemed to have a happy marriage, so I guess that's what counts.

Kaelee said...

Well since I used to dream of marrying Prince Charles, I was really impressed with his wedding to Dianna.Not the final result but the wedding was lovely.
My Granny was a royal watcher and she had scrapbooks full of pictures of royalty. I loved looking at them.
I also vaguely remember the newsreel pictures of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip's wedding shown during movie shows. I have since read more about it and I think it has to be one of the most romantic weddings as well.

I'm looking forward to the KISS continuity.

Heidi Rice said...

Gosh Kaelee... A vintage royal wedding, I'm impressed!

So glad you're looking forward to the Wedding Season...

Jo's Daughter said...

One I recall with great affection is the wedding scene in the movie The Vow. The couple is with a group of friends in a museum & they say such heartfelt and cute things to each other. There is a lot of love between Leo and Paige & it's not even an official wedding. They are "discovered" and all run away... I guess it stayed with me because it seemed so real and sincere, no rehearsel for this type of ceremony. She's wearing a short pink dress and they have written their vows on a menu, loved it!!

Heidi Rice said...

Oh I loved that scene in The Vow too.. And changing Tatum never hurts the eye....LOL

Heidi x

Heidi Rice said...

That should have said CHANNING...grrr I hate the iPad's predictive spelling feature (new technology is not my friend)

charlotte mcfall said...

I got married in Las vegas little chapel of the flowers. The chapel was a Victorian style, just me and Paul. No arguing relatives. I arranged everything from the uk and I couldn't believe how smoothly we did everything.

The slight issue we had was getting our marriage licence out the court house was surrounded by police cars as a certain ex football star was on trial for armed robbery.


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