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40 for 40 - Michelle Smart

 I promised that I would introduce you  to some of the newest published authors in the M&B Modern/Harlequin Presents line. So here's the first of them - Michelle Smart.  I met Michelle at the Romantic Novelists' Association conference in Sheffield in July and asjed her to join in the 40 for 40 celebration here.

 I'm always happy to learn about the new authors  - new authors are the lifeblood of the line, the ones who will take it into the future.

Michelle's very first Modern/Presents title The Rings That Bind was published on August 1st - so you should be able to see it on the bookshop shelves now. 

Or you can be in with a chance to win a copy by chatting with Michelle today - about romance of course!

Welcome, Michelle.

“It’ll never last.”

Those were the oft repeated words imparted to my twenty year old self when I got engaged to my now husband. Indeed, my own mother gave us two weeks. In fairness, we had only been together for a couple of months. When we married a year later, she generously gave us two months.

Two kids and fifteen years of marriage later, and we’re still together, still happy. I so wish I’d put a bet on us!

I have no magic formula to give but I knew he was ‘the one,’ simply because he made me feel the way I’d always hoped a man would make me feel, the way the heroes of my beloved Mills & Boon books made their heroines feel. Okay, so my hubby isn’t a billionaire (shame) but he is tall, dark and gorgeous (to me). He’s an alpha male but happy to be bossed around by little old me. Through the years there have been occasions when I would have gladly throttled him (and vice-versa) but I’ve never regretted a minute of it.

When I think of all the romantic gestures he’s made, all of which I could count on one hand (I never said he was perfect!), the one that stands out the most was when he proposed. I was working shifts in a pub to bring in some extra money and had been asked to help out in the kitchen of another pub whose staff had all walked out – two weeks before Christmas. My boss and I spent the day cooking Christmas dinner for around fifty pensioners and by the end of it, we were shattered. I remember sitting in the restaurant in my filthy chef whites, stinking like a chip-pan, my hair a greasy mess, just taking a breather, when my boyfriend walked in. He’d been working in the same locale and decided to pop in to see me. He joined me at the table, which was littered with rubbish from the dinner, including cracker hats and toys. Nestled in amongst the mess was a plastic cracker ring. He simply smiled at me, passed me the ring, and said, “Marry me.”

How could I refuse?

It always makes my heart sing when I remember that moment, when the man I loved saw me looking
my very worst and knew he wanted to marry me.


What’s the most romantic gesture you’ve experienced? What memory makes your heart sing the most? I’d love to hear your stories.

There’s a copy of my debut Mills & Boon Modern / Harlequin Presents, The Rings That Bind up for grabs – a winner will be selected at random from the commentators.


Contact Michelle at                  

and on twitter @chellebellwrite


Rachel Lyndhurst said...

Gorgeously romantic proposal story, Michelle! Best of luck with your M&B debut, The Rings That Bind,I'm already on chapter 6 of my copy and it's fantastic! xx

Susie Medwell said...

Hi Michelle and Kate, wow what a wonderfully romantic way to propose - you've got a keeper there (though you obviously already know that!). Good luck with the book (it's on my TBR list), and great to see you here. Kate has always been my favourite M&B author, I've been stalking her for a while!

Anonymous said...

Hey Michelle, how lovely to meet you and what a gorgeous proposal - really touches the soul, that one.

Looking forward to your first book - and your twentieth - and.. (you get the picture - no pressure:-))


Trish Morey said...

Hey Michelle, how lovely to meet you and what a gorgeous proposal - really touches the soul, that one.

Looking forward to your first book - and your twentieth - and.. (you get the picture - no pressure:-))


chey said...

Great proposal story!

Caroline said...

Great proposal, Michelle. Best of luck with your debut release. Caroline xx

Michelle Smart said...

Aww, thanks Rachel, Susie, Trish, Chey and Caroline! And thanks to you all for commenting - for some reason it's not letting me reply to each individual comment so please accept these enormous hugs and kisses! ((())) xxxxxx

Special thanks go to Kate for kindly inviting me here today - Kate, it was wonderful meeting you xxx

Laney4 said...

Hi guys!
Please don't enter me in your contest, as I have already read the book and loved it!
Just wanted to say that I liked the "arc" of the romance, as it seemed to play out in "real time". Liked the premise of the story/made sense in the way it was presented.
Bottom line is that I wrote down Michelle's name on my "auto buy" list, as I would love to read Michelle's future books too!
Thank you, Michelle, for bringing Rosa and Nico's romance to life for me and others....

Kaelee said...

Well this may not seem romantic to a lot of people but it was to me. I got married when I was 20 and when I was 23 I had my gallbladder removed. In those days it was major surgery. I have a six inch scar to prove it. The day I had my surgery, my husband had to attend a party at his boss's place. They kicked him out of my hospital room at 8 anyhow.

A number of months later I met his boss and his boss's wife when we went to watch their son play toddler's hockey. The wife told me how much she enjoyed meeting my DH at the party and that he was really the life of the party. I was FUMING. He even danced and he didn't dance. When we got home I asked him about it. He said. "I left your hospital room and I thought you were dying and that's the last thing I remember about that night." I believed him.

Michelle Smart said...

Aww, Laney4, your comment has made my month! Thank you xxx

Kaelee, I loved your story. There's nothing worse than seeing someone we love very much be ill, and that awful helplessness that there's nothing we can do about it. No wonder he acted so out of character. xxx

bn100 said...

a meal cooked by someone else

Mary Preston said...

That is such a beautiful romantic gesture. Thank you for sharing. You made me smile. I could picture it all.

The gesture that stands out for me is when I was just dating the Mister. He volunteered to pick up my parents from the airport. Middle of Summer, horrific traffic conditions. My heart was full!!

Eli Yanti said...

so romantic story, just hope I have one :)

JulieM said...

Telling my family that Paul had proposed didn't go well. We'd decided to wait until after we'd chosen a ring the following weekend. However, in the meantime my younger sister had told them she was pregnant. This was a huge shock, and a massive scandal in my mother's eyes. When I told my mother that I was engaged her first response was to ask if I was pregnant too!

Michelle Smart said...

Mary, that was such a lovely gesture!

Julie, all I can say to that is MOTHERS!

Eli, it will come :-)



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