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40 for 40 - Trish Morey

Writing romance has brought me an unexpected benefit in that it has introduced me to a lot of wonderful writers  - people I would never have met if I didn't  do this job - many of whom have become friends for life. You've met so many of them over the past  weeks. 

The problem is though that I have met people I would want to see so much more of - but  the fact that they live  thousands of miles away , on the other side of the world, has meant that I never see anything like enough of them.   One of those friends is  today's guest - the lovely Trish Morey.

I met Trish at her very first RWA National conference in New York when she had just had her very first book accepted. I remember being introduced to her  during the literacy signing  and then later enjoying her company at a fabulous  author dinner where the fact that  several glasses of red wine were spilled over the immaculate white linen table cloths (not by either Trish or myself, I hasten to add!)  was just another moment that made our first meeting memorable.  Since then we've shared as much time as we can at RWA conferences - Romance Writers of Australia / RW New Zealand conferences  and of course AMBA. It's never enough.  Email helps but  there's nothing to compare with chatting face to face.  

But until the  next time we meet, I'll make do with enjoying seeing Trish here on my blog.

Welcome Trish -

First off, I have to say how happy I am for Kate and Steve - 40 years! - how awesome is that? So super congratulations to them both.

I’ve been loving the stories of how couples got together on this blog. I didn’t meet my husband scuba diving and him without a clue, like CC Coburn so funnily related a couple of blogs ago. We didn’t get married in Manhattan, as Heidi Rice and her hubby so fabulously did, and it’s we’re certainly nowhere near that fantastical achievement that is the golden wedding anniversary of Lesley and Brian Horton (we’re not even close to Kate and Steve’s awesome number).


But what we are is close on our heels to our 25th wedding anniversary and the 30th anniversary of when we first met.


And how we first met? I was living in a horrible impersonal hostel in Canberra, Australia,  after moving there and knowing absolutely nobody. I wanted out. So I answered an ad in the paper - “Girl wanted.”  It was an ad for a room in a share house of 4 and I applied. And the first thing that struck me about this one guy when I got there who would one day be my hubby? He made me laugh. It was no overnight romance. It was a few months before that magic spark between us ignited, and went whoosh. It was a few years being sensible about that whoosh before we realised that whoosh was here to stay and that maybe we were meant to be together.


We’ve certainly had our ups and downs along the way (we’ve had four kids, so naturally we’ve had our ups and downs) but we’re still together and now the kids are growing up, it’s better than ever.


And I think that’s why I love writing romance. Because it might be fiction, but it’s not make believe. Because it’s fiction based on the best kind of life’s experiences - and that’s love, and love and all its iterations has to be the best life experience there can possibly be


I love what I do for my work. I am incredibly blessed doing it. I love that it’s made me the best friends in the world (and I certainly count Kate amongst them) and I love that my hubby is still making me laugh.

How fabulous is romance?

How great is love?


It’s the best.


So tell me, how did you meet your partner/spouse? Was it a whirlwind romance, or more of a slow burn or even a friends turned lovers story? I’d love to hear. And one lucky commenter will win a copy of my May Modern, A Price Worth Paying. Now there’s a prize worth winning:))


Can’t wait to hear your stories!

With love, always,










Sally said...

Hi Trish, my story is slightly different in that I am now on my second marriage.

My first husband I didn't like at first but needless to say things happened and we were married for 23years and had two children.

My second husband was a mutual friend that I had known for several years before our respective marriages broke up.

We have now been married for ten years and both feel lucky we were able to find love a second time around.

PrincessFiona01 said...

I first met my husband at a dance in a small village hall where we had just moved when my father had to retire due to ill health. My mother pointed out this young man in clothes from the seventies, this was 1981. My first response? "Oh Yuck, Mum". Still married to him after 30 years. He's a very tolerant man.

Trish Morey said...

Hey Sally, the thing I love about romance is that there are so many different ways it can happen - love at first sight, friends to lovers, housemates to lovers (as my hubby and me), second time around etc.

I love that there are second chances. And really, for romance writers, it would be awfully dull if there weren't because we would have so much less to write about.

Congratulations on your ten years - that is pretty special!

Trish Morey said...

LOL PrincessFiona01! That is not the way you want as a single woman to be introduced to a possible partner. Though clearly the match worked in spite of the awkward first meeting! He sounds like a keeper!


bn100 said...

hasn't happened yet

Trish Morey said...

Bn100, then all that magic is still out there, waiting to happen! That's the mystery, you never know when. Usually I think it's when you least expect it.

Thanks for dropping by!

Kaelee said...

I met my husband on a sort of blind date. A few girls from university went to a Valentine's dance at the technical school in the same city. My girlfriend went home with a boy. The boy phoned her the next day and asked her to a house party.He told her she had to bring along the girl who had been wearing the red dress at the dance. His best friend didn't dance but wanted to meet me. My sort of date proposed to me that night. I thought it was just a line. We did date off and on for about a year. More off than on at times. When he next proposed on his birthday in January of the next year, I said yes. We just celebrated 45 years on August 3rd.

The funny thing is the minister who married us became a social worker, the church we got married in got torn down and the cabin we spent our honeymoon in, which was part of a motor inn also got demolished. All this within a few years of our marriage. The hotel we got engaged at got torn down before we were married. What are the odds?

Trish Morey said...

Kaelee, what an amazing story! I love that your hubby to be proposed that first night and you kept him waiting and it all worked out so beautifully for you both - 45 years is fantastic!

As to the minister changing professions, and the cabin and church and hotel all getting torn down, clearly these were in no way omens!:-))

Congratulations on achieving such a major milestone!

lidia said...

Hi Trish!

I met my husband back in 68. I and my group of friends were decorating a hall for a dance that was held the following night. He was there with a mutual friend. We talked that night, danced the following night and got married in 73. We just celebrated our 40th.

Mary Preston said...

I met the Mister when we were both dragged to a party. He by a friend & me by my sister. Neither of us wanted to be there, so we actually left the party to go for a drive. He chased me down about a week later, through his friend, & the rest is history.

Eli Yanti said...

Have not meet any but hope soon :)

Trish Morey said...

Hi Lidia and congratulations on your 40 years also! I love the friend of a mutual friend storyline, and it makes so much sense, because your friend obviously had great taste. How fabulous it brought you both together!

Trish Morey said...

Mary, I love your story too! How fun that you were both fighting going to the party - but how fabulous you did both turn up. Imagine if one of you had resisted just a little more!

Trish Morey said...

hi EliYanti! Like I said to Bn100, the magic is still brewing! But don't go looking for it, let it come to you:-))


Laney4 said...

By today's standards, it was a whirlwind romance of "acquaintances" to lovers.
He knew my parents from the "CBers club" in my hometown. I probably had only said hi to him for the two years previous to our "official meeting". I had broken up with my boyfriend of 1.5 years and saw my soon-to-be-husband's car in my parents' downtown area. Waited till he came out of the restaurant, he offered me a ride back to my parents' place, he came in and talked to my mom for ages, invited me to the movies that night, went on a CBers trip the following day with him and my parents (on Labour Day weekend), I casually dated him and nine other guys in September/early October, I realized he was serious so "dumped" the other guys for him in early October, he bought my ring in mid October, he invited himself to my family's Christmas 2 hours away with overnight at my sister's apartment, he gave me my ring as his last present to me Christmas morning (in my caftan/pajamas), my MOTHER said yes that I would marry him, I said I'd think about it (as it was much too soon for me at 21 years of age, but he was 31), two days later I said yes, and we wed the following July when his plant shut down for two weeks.
Just celebrated our 32nd anniversary, and our love is much stronger today (though we've had some tough spells years ago too).

Trish Morey said...

Yours is such an awesome story, Laney 4, i can just see your mouth dropping open when your mum said you would marry him:-)) And I love how you can come out at the end of those tough times with your love stronger than ever. It's a great ride.

Congratulations on your 32nd anniversary, Laney 4!

JulieM said...

We were 19 and 21 when we met at university, introduced by a mutual friend. I'd had my heart broken some months earlier and my friend had decided that she was going to find me someone new.

We fell in love very quickly. However, it was Paul's final year at university and after he graduated we were over 350 miles apart. We had a long distance relationship for the next two years while I completed my degree which was very tough. We even split up for a couple of months at one point. However, it all ended happily. We married as soon as I finished my degree and we recently celebrated our 26th anniversary.

Trish Morey said...

Juliet, sounds like your love was tested in a big way before you took the plunge - clearly your love was meant to last - congratulations on your 26 years, you're one up on us. Feeling a bit like the newly weds in this lot:-))


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