Tuesday, February 05, 2008

And the winner is . . .

Many many congratulations are due today to a lovely and very special friend of mine - someone who already scares me stupid with just her work rate and her ability to do so many things, her knowledge of history and her ability to write emotional and warm romances for two different lines.

Have you guessed yet? I'm really happy to be able to say that the RNA Romance Prize for 2008 went to Scary Kate aka Kate Hardy for her Modern Extra (well they were Modern Extra when it was published - Breakfast at Giovanni's .
For American readers, this book will be released in Presents Extra as In Bed With Her Italian Boss so look out for that.
I'm really really pleased for her. I just wish I could have been there at the lunch to share her very special moment with her. And Kate - I told you the black pearls would look great with that lovely outfit. You looked fabulous.

Interestingly, this was not one of the books that anyone picked as a potential winner. But someone - Chris, I think - got the winner of the main award right - and that was Freya North with her novel Pillow Talk. Chris - contact me and we'll talk prize books!
Many congratulations go to Freya too . The blurb of her book sounds intriguing - I suspect that on my visit to London I'm going to have to visit a bookshop . . . but then I would also need the time to read it and as my TBR pile is already toppling over . .. But I can resists everything but temptation.

And the temptation to add to my TBR is going to get even worse because today is definitely a great day to celebrate with friends.

I'd like to congratulate another friend - Karen Maitland - on the publication of her book Company of Liars. Here's another book that has a truly intriguing back 'blurb' . Here's what The Mail Books section says about it:

The year is 1348. As the Black Death spreads inexorably across southern England, nine people fleeing north meet on the road. Comprising a seller of fake religious relics, a conjuror, two wandering minstrels, a storyteller, a teenage couple on the run, a herbalist and a beautiful but sinister soothsaying child, it's a motley crew.
But its members have one thing in common: each is not what he or she seems, and as their journey progresses, so the various lies they have told begin to unravel with deadly consequences. For it's not just the pestilence snapping at their heels, but also a mysterious unseen beast — perhaps wolf, perhaps werewolf — which begins to pick them off one by one.
Karen Maitland has dug into some obscure corners of medieval history to produce an almost parallel universe; a place where myth, magic and superstition take over as the established order breaks down, but a world that nevertheless rings true. On top of that, she has fashioned a compelling mystery story that should appeal to a much wider readership than historical fiction fans; indeed, anyone looking for an engrossing, bulky fireside read.

Congratulations, Karen! And enjoy every moment of your launch party! I just can't wait till I finish with my deadline and can get a little extra uninterrupted reading time.

Finally, I have to let you know that I'm sharing in Nicola Marsh's special Be My Valentine Celebration today. There's a copy of my March book Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife on offer for you to win - and don't forget that Nicola is also offering that wonderful major prize of a goody bag of 14 novels at the end of the celebration - that's on Valentine's Day of course.


Nicola Marsh said...

Thanks for being a part of the Valentine's celebrations, Kate :)

Kate Hardy said...

Thanks, Kate :o) I wish you'd been there, too - I remember you and the BM holding my hand when I was shortlisted last time.

And I hope you read the acceptance speech I meant to make but which didn't come out of my mouth because I was so overwhelmed...

I too have Karen's book and can't wait to read it. Congrats, Karen, and hope the launch party goes swimmingly.

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Super congrats to Kate and the other winners. WOOT!!!

Kate, your valentine look to your blog is divine. :D

Hugs, Nancy/JJ

Madeline said...

Thank you Kate for letting us know about Scary Kates award. It looks like this is starting out to be a very good year. Kudos to the other Kate and Hugs and Thanks to you. Mads:)


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