Monday, February 04, 2008

RNA Awards

Today is the day that the RNA holds its awards lunch at the Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington. This is the first time in some years that I haven't been able to attend, but pressure of work and the fact that I have to be in London for the party to launch the start of Mills & Boon's Centenary Celebrations, sadly mean that I can't make it this year.

There are two awards presented today - firstly the one for Romantic Novel of the Year
The titles on the shortlist for this award are these:

One Last Summer
by Catrin Collier

Pillow Talk
by Freya North
(Harper Collins)

Silk and Steel
by Catherine King
(Little Brown)

Silver Bay
by Jojo Moyes
(Hodder & Stoughton)

The Leaving of Liverpool
by Maureen Lee

Young Wives' Tales
by Adele Parks

As I said when I first talked about this list, lack of time has meant that I haven't (sadly) read a single one of these so I have no hope at all of being able to say who might win. But I'll be interested to see who does.

And then there is the Romance Prize which is for the shorter 'category romances' and this is the shortlist for this award.
Breakfast at Giovanni's
by Kate Hardy

Driving Him Wild
by Julie Cohen

English Lord, Ordinary Lady
by Fiona Harper

Her Parenthood Assignment
by Fiona Harper

The Mediterranean Rebel's Bride
by Lucy Gordon

The Secret Life of Lady Gabriella
by Liz Fielding

I'm not even going to try to predict a winner - or to choose a favourite of these because I know every one of the authors and they are all excellent writers. So it would be impossible to choose - and wrong to declare any sort of paritality. Except to say that they're all winners already, just to be nominated in this special Centenary Year.

And to send everyone on the list Congratulations for being there - and good luck wishes for the awards ceremony today.

In past years I've run a small contest on this award and this year is no exception. If you'd like to pick the two books you think will win - one from the Romantic Novel of the Year Award list, and one from the Romance Prize - the post your selections in the Comments section, if someone picks the right two then I'll send them their choice of a signed book as a prize.

And if more than one person gets it right - or no one - then I'll get Sid on the job and let him pick a winner from all the entries.


juliemt said...

I've a feeling that Catrin Collier will win the Romantic Novel of the Year award, as her book looks like the kind of epic tale the judges may favour.

As for the Romance Prize, I was lucky enough to review them all, and I have to say that the judges have an impossible task on their hands.

Anonymous said...

My guess is Pillow Talk, by Freya North ,and The Secret Life of Lady Gabriella, by Liz Fielding


rebekah said...

My guess is "One Last Summer" and "The secret Life of Lady Gabriella.

Eva said...

Silk and Steel by Catherine King, and The Secret Life of Lady Gabriella by Liz Fielding

Ellen said...

I will not cheat. I know who won the Romance of the Year since I read it on eHarlequin community. And if I guessed the other one that wouldn't be fair.

Cryna said...

Romance Novel of the Year:
Silk and Steel by Catherine King

Romance Prize
The Secret Life of Lady Gabriella
by Liz Fielding

are the two picks I would like to enter.


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