Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Here Come The Grooms

My name is Raul and I’m one of the grooms in the HERE COME THE GROOMS contest that Kate has been running on here – together with Liz Fielding and Anne McAllister.

Kate tells me that as Tom has appeared on Liz Fielding’s blog and Flynn has been chatting to you from Anne’s blog that it was time I came to introduce myself to you all. So I’m here.

Of course, introductions could be a little tricky seeing as I can’t give you my full name. And that’s because my full name – and that of my bride- to-be Alannah – is the answer to the question that I’m asking so that you can enter this contest and hopefully win a copy of the book that tells my story and Alannah’s.

Yes, I know that there’s a name given on the back of the book – Raul Esteban, it says – but that’s only part of it. Esteban is my second name - Raul Esteban Marquez . . . . . It’s what comes after the Marquez that you need to find. (Actually it’s Don Raul etc etc to be strictly accurate but that title has caused trouble between me and Alannah in the past so I prefer not to use it much. And it’s not what you need to find out for the contest.)

Kate says you want to know something about Alannah and how we met. Well, seeing what Tom and Flynn had to say, I think we’ve all been through something pretty similar. Like those guys, I thought I’d found the perfect woman. I even asked her to marry me and then, as Tom says she turned me down flat. And no, Tom, mi amigo – it was not arrogance that put her off – she suspected I had cold-blooded motives for wanting her to be my wife. Cold-blooded – me? I’m a Spaniard, and my blood is hot – very hot. Especially where Alannah is concerned. I wanted Alannah from the moment I first saw her – but she turned down my proposal and walked out on me.

But now, as with Tom and Flynn Fate has taken a hand and brought us back together again. I could wish that it was in different circumstances. The tragedy that linked our two families once again has only made Alannah’s reasons for mistrusting me so much worse. But, again as Tom says (he’s learned a lot from his bride Sylvie – as much as Flynn has learned from his Sara) the path of true love never did run smooth. This time, I have no intention of letting Alannah walk away from me – this time I was prepared to do whatever it took to keep her.
And this time – I’m not ashamed to admit it - this time I learned a lot too.

If you’d like to read our stories, find out how we all made good use of the second chances we’d been given and how we finally won our lovely brides, then you’ve three chances to win all three books this month. Each of us has asked a question and you’ve until 29th February to send all three answers to Anne, Kate and Liz.

Kate has asked me to emphasise that you need to send all three answers to all three authors. She tells me that she has been receiving some answers which have only my name in them. Well I'm glad to know that you have taken the trouble to find that out - but this is a Here Come The GroomS contest and Flynn and Tom need answers to their questions as well.

Here’s my question: What are the full names of the hero and heroine of Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife (Note from Raul- as I said above - my real name, not the one mistakenly given me on the back of the book!)

Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife is published in the UK in March and in Presents in June

Here’s Flynn’s question:

What story did he come to Montana to cover when he met Sara in the first place?

Flynn's book is One-Night Love Child and it's out in March (Presents) and April (Modern Romance)

And finally Tom:

What colour silk did he become intimately acquainted with?

Tom's story is told in The Bride's Baby which is Liz's 50th Mills and Boon Romance. Out in April both America and UK

Don’t forget, all three answers to Anne, Kate and Liz will give you three chances to win all three books.

Answers are on websites, along with email links.

Closing date 29 February.

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