Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Here Come The Grooms - and more Romantic Heroes

It's time to remind you about the Here Come the Grooms contest that I'm running with those wonderful writers Anne McAllister and Liz Fielding. You can read about Anne's Flynn Murray from One Night Love-Child here and about Liz's Tom McFarlane from The Bride's Baby here.

But today it's my turn - or, rather, Raul's turn, because Raul is the hero of my book in this contest - my March UK release (June in the USA) Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife.

Raul is not only the Spanish Billionaire of the title - he's also an aristocrat, and he's not used to being kept waiting until this stage in the contest - so I'd better tell you about him fast before he loses all trace of patience and gives up on me completely.

Two years ago, Alannah turned down Raul's cold-blooded proposal of marriage and walked away without one word of regret. Now tragedy has thrown them together once more, and this time the proud Spanish aristocrat will see that she doesn't get away from him again.

He had always wanted Alannah from the first moment he saw her. Her unique combination of purity and passion intrigued, then intoxicated him. And Raul is a man used to getting everything he wants. She got away from him once - This time, he intends to keep her.

And Raul's question is:

what are the full names of the hero and heroine of Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife

(Note from Raul - his real name, per favor, not the one mistakenly given him on the back of the book!)

You can find the answer on my web site. And all the details of the Here Come The Grooms Contest are on my contest page there. But don't forget that you have to check out Anne's web site, and Liz's blog to find the answers to thier questions too.

To recap on all three, these are:


Flynn's Question: What story did he come to Montana to cover when he met Sara in the first place?


Raul's Question: What are the full names of the hero and heroine of Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife

Liz Fielding's THE BRIDE'S BABY.

Tom's Question: What colour silk did he become intimately acquainted with?

And talking of heroes - with Valentine's Day coming up - here's a little extra inspiration for you -

Johnny Depp and Pierce Brosnan make Romantic Novelists’ hearts throb

Members of the Romantic Novelists’ Association have voted Johnny Depp as theNumber One Perfect Romantic Hero in a poll to mark Valentine’s Day.

According to these authors, a romantic hero should be gorgeous, deliciously sexy, intensely masculine and have a commanding presence.‘

We should be qualified to judge,’ one writer commented. ‘After all, we create these heroes on paper every day.’

The top ten male celebrities voted the Perfect Romantic Hero were

1. Johnny Depp

2. Daniel Craig

3. Sean Bean

4. Richard Armitage

5. Hugh Jackman (5th! Have they never seen this guy in a towel?)

6. Colin Firth

7. Alan Rickman

8. Pierce Brosnan

9. George Clooney

10. David Tennant

A second poll, taken by members of the RNA bravely admitting to being ‘over a certain age’, voted for male celebrities over fifty who’ve ‘still got it’.

Remarkable for his appearance on both polls, Pierce Brosnan took the crown for the over fifties by a huge margin.

The top ten Over-Fifty Perfect Romantic Heroes were:

1. Pierce Brosnan

2. Harrison Ford

3. Ranulph Fiennes

4. Bill Nighy

5. Liam Neeson

6. Sam Neill

7. Sean Connery

8. Peter O’Toole

9. Clint Eastwood

10. Omar Sharif

So there's some inspiration for you.
And as an added bonus, he may only have come 5th - but, well, any excuse for that man in a towel.
I'll be back tomorrow with a special Valentine's Day contest based on those centenary goodie bags.

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