Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day Contest

Remember those goodie bags?

The ones that the Babe Magnet and I brought home from the Centenary Party last Thursday.

Well, when we looked through them we found that we had duplicate gifts and one of them in particular was more than I could ever use - so I've decided to share my party gifts with my lovely readers. And with today being Valentine's Day and thoughts of love and romance are all around, I'm launching this quick contest today to celebrate.

This is my special Valentine to you all to thank you for being my readers and buying my books so that I can continue to write new ones - hopefully for you to enjoy. A big Valentine thank you to you all for that.

So what prizes do I have to offer?

The first and major prize can, I'm afraid, only be won by a UK reader - or, rather, two UK readers as I have 2 of these on offer. This is not my choice but is because this prize comes in the form of money-off vouchers and the only vouchers I have are in British £s, so I'm afraid they wouldn't be any use outside the UK.

But if you are a UK M&B reader, these little booklets are well worth having - they have lots of £1 of vouchers - over 20 of them! So if you use them all, then this prize will save you £20 on your romance book buying this year. And that's worth having!

But I know that I have so many readers out there who are not from the UK and I don't want you to miss out, so I've put together a little gift package for you too - and you can win this no matter where in the world you live. This prize has two of the special gifts from the party bag as well -

First is one of these specially designed golden centenary bookmarks, stamped with the centenary slogan - Mills & Boon 100 years of pure reading pleasure!

And together with this will be one of the special centenary calendars where every page is taken from a genuine Mills & Boon covers, old and new. It's a lot of fun seeing how the designs have changed.

And to add to these prizes, for my overseas winners, I'll include a signed book of your choice from the backlist titles I still have available.

So what do you have to do to have a chance of winning?

It's quite simple - all you need is a good eye for detail and a little time to suvey my backlist on my website.

Here's the question:

On the Mills & Boon Centenary calendar, November 2008 has the artwork from one of my own covers.

Take a look at this picture here and then go to my website to find out which book this cover is taken from.

Send your answer to me with the heading Valentine Contest in the subject line of your email.

Closing date will be a week from today - February 21st 2008.
That's when I'll get Mr Valentine himself - Sid the Cat - to choose two readers from the UK and two from overseas to win these special Mills & Boon Centenary prizes.

And because I've been getting enquiries as to how Sir Sidney and Mademoiselle Flora are getting on now, here is a special Valentine's Day portrait of the two of them - not quite curled up together yet, but getting closer all the time.



Dena said...

Happy Valentine's Day Kate. I hope your day is full of love.

Wow what a great centenary party,thanks for sharing.

Sid and Flora are so cute. It's so funny how cats interact.

Anne McAllister said...

Why does this picture of Sid and Flora seem as if it should have the caption, "Come with me to the catsba."


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