Friday, February 01, 2008

Contests . . . .

It's February and so, with Valetine's Day in the month, everyone thinks of love and sharing - and for romance writers, sharing usually means giving away books which is why there are several contests going around.
But there's only one traditional February contest! And that's the one that Anne McAllister, Liz Fielding and I share.

So today I have two contests to tell you about - one of which is that traditional one. But first there's the one I mentioned earlier - the 14 day Valentine extravaganza Nicola Marsh is running over on her blog.

Nicola has invited 14 writer friends over to her blog to help her celebrate Valentine's Day - and there's a great line-up blogging over there. First up is Liz Fielding and I'm going to be posting thereon the 5th - then there's Jill Shalvis, Lucy Monroe, Anna Campbell, Nalini Singh, Bronwyn Jameson ,

Jaci Burton, Julie Cohen, Fiona Lowe, Christine Wells, Yvonne Lindsay, Barbara Hannay and Kate Hardy and on the big day it’s Nicola herself.

There are daily prizes from every author who's visiting and on the 14th there's a major prize of a goody bag with 14 different books inside.

And then of course there is the Traditional Three Author February Contest

Remember last year when Anne McAllister, Liz Fielding, and I all had books out in February and we got together and had a Here Come the Brides! contest. At least that was what it was supposed to be . . .

Only our heroes, Theo, Max and Dom were not to be outdone. Before we knew it they'd organized a Here Come the Grooms! contest and basically took over. Well, they're men. What do you expect?

This year we decided to harness all that energy right from the start. So this year while the brides plan their weddings, my Raul, the Sexy Spanish aristocrat in Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife, Flynn, the Irish Earl from One Night Love Child, and self-made tycoon, the man who has everything but a wife (well that could apply to Raul and Flynn as well) from The Bride’s Baby, are joining us for the Here Come The Grooms contest, part II.

And of course that means that no blog is safe – at least not mine, Liz’s or Anne’s – you’ll be able to meet each of them here, one by one. Or you can drop by Liz's and Anne’s blog or websites and meet Tom and Flynn there.

To enter the Here Come the Grooms! contest, you will need to answer three questions, one each from Flynn, Raul and Tom. Then go to each of our website contest pages and send us the answers - email me here – with Here Come The Grooms in the subject heading of the email. You can answer on each website/blog so go to Liz and Anne as well.

There will be three drawings on March 1st -- one by each hero -- and the winners get copies of all three books!

Raul’s question is:
Yes, his name is Raul – but what’s his full name – First, and surname? He’s insisting on this as it seems that there’s a mistake in the blurb on the back of the book now it’s published – and his name is NOT Raul Esteban.

So what’s his real full name? And while you’re at it – what’s the full name of his heroine (before he changes it to his!)

(It’s funny but my heroes in this contest always seem to have trouble with their names – remember Domenico and the way he was teased by the other grooms because he wouldn’t let the call him Dom?)

You can find the answer on my website on the page for Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife. And you can get Flynn’s and Tom's questions on Anne's and Liz's blogs. Have fun!

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