Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Here Come the Grooms 3

A couple of weeks ago I read a really good book - and I enjoyed it so much I blogged about it here.

So you'll know that it's no hardship for me - or for Raul - to share this Here Come the Grooms Contest with Anne McAllister's hero Flynn Murray.

So now let me introduce you to Flynn.

Anne's book, One-Night Love Child is out in March and the hero in this story is Flynn Murray, former footloose Irish journalist, now the Earl of Dunmorey.

Six years ago Flynn Murray turned Sara McMaster's life upside down. He swept her off her feet and into his bed. Then he left -- and sane, sensible Sara had never been the same. How could she be when nine months later she had his child?

Now their one-night love child is the center of Sara's world. But suddenly Flynn is back. And he's no longer the footloose Irish journalist she knew and loved. Now he's the scarily powerful Earl of Dunmorey -- and he wants his son.

To enter the Here Come the Grooms! contest, you will need to answer three questions, one each from Flynn, Raul and Tom. Then go to each of our website contest pages and send us the answers.

There will be three drawings on March 1st -- one by each hero -- and the winners get copies of all three books!

Flynn's question is:
What story did he come to Montana to cover when he met Sara in the first place?

You can find the answer on Anne's blog or in the excerpt to One-Night Love Child on her website.
PS - that has nothing to do with the contest.
If you live in the UK and you happen to spot the March edition of either Writers' Forum Magazine or Writing Magazine - you'll find that I have articles in both - one on the 12 Points of writing romance (that's Writing Magazine) and another (in Writers' Forum) where the Babe Magnet and I talk about us both being writers and how we work together.
Now I'm heading for London and the party to open the official year of celebration fot the Mills & Boon Centenary. I'll be back on Sunday.

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juliemt said...

Have fun, Kate and make sure you take plenty of photos!


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