Saturday, February 02, 2008


I'm a little concerned about the sort of audience this blog is reaching.

I set it up so that I could chat with my readers - tell them what I've been doing, and the books and things I have coming up. Having my blog invaded by Grooms as in the Here Come the Grooms Contest, I could cope with. I've even let a certain Cat of Superior Breeding share the posting space every now and then.

And that, I think has been the problem. Sid - Sid the publicity seeker, Sid the Cyber Star. He's been getting emails for quite some time. Messages in the comments space on my blog, fine - Ruby the Airhead Cat who owns India Grey is quite sweet - and then there's Bailey, Tom Kydd the Nooligan, Kitty the Maine Coon who owns Anna Adams, a host of cats living with Anna Louise Lucia - all have in their time sent messages. And so have many more. Even a few d-o-g-s have been known to commuincate with Sid.

But today he received his first Valentine.

Valentine? Hmm - more like a lonely hearts notice - or just plain advertising for a mate. From Lola - a generously sized diva who would like to meet . . . well, you'll see!

So that's what I am now, is it?That's what this blog has become.

An internet dating site for fur!

And you can imagine the look on the postie's face as he handed over the pink envelope address clearly and openly to SID THE CAT.


Madeline said...

Kate, your blog gave me such a chuckle. Everyone knows that Sir Sid is a big hit, with furry female felines. My Sadie fell in love with him at first sight. Being one of your devoted readers, I'm going to wish you a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY just to let Sid know that you are loved too.

All the best, Mads:)

Nicolette said...

LOL! Perhaps the postie thought it was a nickname someone had for your BM?

Oh, bless! That's hilarious.

Kate Hardy said...

ROFL, Kate. And Sid looks absolutely disgusted. (You might like the cat thing on my blog from yesterday, btw - is very cleverly edited and I can imagine Sid and Flora plotting like that.)

(And yes, I did say cat thing on my blog. Not woofy.)

Anna Adams said...

Kate, I wish you'd had your camera when the postie came a-knocking! And didn't the lovely Lola dress up? Her eyes even match her fur! ;-)

LOL on the subtle cat take-over! I think you're doing the world a service. (No, this is not Kitty, and no, I didn't shove my person off her keyboard so I could type this last paragraph!)

christina said...

That Sid is such a charmer! Lola's pretty gorgeous too - though our boy is strangely unmoved. He probably thinks she's related to the enormous red Maine Coon who scared the dickens out of him when we were at the vet's last week!

Anne McAllister said...

Ah, yes. Lola. I know her well. And she would definitely have an eye for Sid. A Cat Of Taste, that's Lola.

And what, may I ask, is wrong with being a dating service for fur?

Cryna said...

What a fun post and this is such a fun time for Sid. Mind you Flora might take exception to him getting valentines from others. LOL

Judith said...

I have Ramsey, a tabby male, who is so cuddly and clingy, he follows Nefe, a tabby female 4 yrs. older. She really gets impatient with some of his attempts to give her huge hugs . She washes his head sometimes, in an attempt to tidy him up. She really likes him but playing hard to get is much more fun lol
Your Sid and my Ramsey should hang out together some day and compare stories.


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