Sunday, February 17, 2008

Valentine's Day Contest - UK readers

A message from Sid the Cat - to all UK readers of this blog.

Dear UK Readers,

It has come to my notice that my Mum, Kate Walker, is running a contest again. This means that she will be calling on me to help her by picking the winners. That is fine by me as I enjoy the difficult and complicated process of choosing winners by selecting a crunchie and eating it so that Mum can find the name on the piece of paper beneath it. It's a hard job but some cat has to do it.

And I specially enjoy the process when I have to work really hard because there are a lot of crunchies on a lot of pieces of paper and so I have to be very particular in my selection of each crunchie and make sure that I have exactly the right one. And then I get to eat all the rest to check that I was in fact right in my first selection.

However, on this occasion, I am becoming concerned. As my Mum has already explained, one set of the prizes in this particular contest can only go to UK residents. This is because the prize in question is a book of vouchers, in UK pounds, money off the purchase of Mills & Boon books. Thevouchers are up to the value of over £20. The other prizes can go to the international readers.

Now, my problem is this - as of today there are only 2 UK entries. If this state of affairs persists, then I will not be needed to select the winners of this UK prize, they will, as it were, select themselves. And I will not be needed to eat any crunchies.

I am sure that you can see what a tragedy this would be.

The contest is still open until February 21st - please, dear UK readers, send in some entries so that I shall have to make a careful and intelligent selection of the prize winner on Friday morning.

To remind you- the details of this contest can be found here. But basically, all you have to do is to go to Mum's web site and find out which book has the cover from which this artwork was taken to appear on the Mills & Boon Centenary Calendar. It is quite an easy task. I think I could do it - if, of course there was a cat treat on each cover I had to choose from.

To all you wonderful international readers - you have been answering in droves. I will have a large number of entries to choose from for the international prize. For this I thank you.

Don't forget to enter the Here Come the Grooms contest as well - answer the three questions you will find on Mum's web site, the website of The Lady Across the Pond - Anne McAllister - and the site belonging to Liz Fielding on whose books I have often snoozed. You can find the details of this contest here.

I am pleased and relieved to report that there are plenty of entries for this contest so I shall have to do my usual detailed and difficult winner selection process - but there is always room for a few more entries - and a few more crunchies for me to chew.
Thank you
With purrs
Your Feline Friend Sir Sidney St John Willoughby Eamonn Portly-Lummox

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