Tuesday, February 19, 2008


She may only be not quite five months old but Flora the kitten is growing up.

And kittens - female kittens - grow up to be Queens. If you think having a teenage daughter is not exactly fun, then try having a young female cat who is suddenly hit by the feline equivalent of puberty.

I've just spent the last couple of days with my cute little fluffy bundle of female fun transformed into a man hunting diva. She has writhed on the floor, flaunted herself all over the place, and wandered the house yelling, 'I want a man!' at the top of her voice. After 20+ years of nice, easy - well, much simpler - boys, it was a bit of a shock to the system to be reminded of just what this can be like.

It was also a definite shock to poor Dylan and Sid who have been sexually harrassed and molested for about 48 hours. They stared at her in astonishment, looked to me for help, and finally fled outside when she pounced on them, and then flounced off declaring - 'No - I want a MAN!' I'm just grateful that the big outdoors is still too cold, unwelcoming and frightening to her that she didn't try to follow them into the garden and find herself a suitor by yelling her need there. Right now, it would be a case of a kitten having kittens.

Not surprising then that cats left un-neutered can probably create over 400 others over a period of about seven years, and that those cats . . . No, I love cats but that's just irresponsible and cruel to the cats and kittens who struggle to survive.

So it's time to book her in at the vet. She'll be calmer and happier, and so willl I. And Sid and Dylan will be able to snooze in peace without some feline Jezebel importuning them at all hours of the day and night.


Nicolette said...

Hmm, yes, I remember that happening with Magic. She was such a tart! So I took her to the vets to be spayed, thinking "that'll put a stop to such flirtations!", only it didn't.

Once she'd recovered from her op, the little floosie was still entwining herself against people, chair legs, the (puzzled) dog, and still purrs so loudly when she's in kitty-kat heaven and you're rubbing her tummy, it sounds like a million bees have invaded the house.

Good luck with yours, Kate! Once a flirt, always a flirt.

Kate Hardy said...

Oh, bless.

And I'm smiling at Nicolette's picture, too. I can just imagine Byron's reaction at being molested by a kitten...

Brigid Coady said...

You tell that floozy to stop harrassing my boy Dylan!

Donna Alward said...

Oh Kate, you made me laugh. There is nothing quite like the yowling, is there. :-) And the picture of her chasing the boys out of the house...you go girl!

Anne McAllister said...

And she can jolly well keep her paws off Sid,too! Send her down to Lunnon to visit that water-going cat of Sophie Weston's! He'll cooperate!

On the other hand, I think the journey to the vet's might be the best solution. And then cross your fingers she doesn't end up like Nicolette's flirty girl.

Cryna said...

That blog just brought a real chuckle out of me......I can just see the poor harrassed guys.......LOL

Yes, a trip to the vet's is certainly in order for everyone's piece of mind.

Madeline said...

Kate, My prayers are with you. I have 2 female cats and the noise they create when they reach puberty is enough to drive you crazy. I also have very high ceilings in my house, which makes the noise even louder.

A trip to the vet sounds like a very excellent idea, and I'm sure the male kitties would love the peace the vet will bring them.

Good Luck with the furry female flirt. Mads:)

Jan Jones said...

But she's still cute as cute can be!

Anonymous said...

She's beautiful, Kate! Thank you for being a responsible pet owner and spreading the word that spaying or neutering are the way to go!
Our girl cat, Missy, came to us stray and pregnant. I thought she was just fat until my father told me she was pregnant and how many kittens she would have. It was a real eye opener. While our family enjoyed having the kittens around, it's not anything I would ever do on purpose!


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