Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Did the earth move?

Well, apparently it did - according to the reports on the BBC News this morning:

The biggest earthquake in the UK for nearly 25 years has shaken homes across large parts of England.
People in Newcastle, Yorkshire, London, Manchester, the Midlands and Norfolk and also parts of Wales, felt the tremor just before 0100 GMT.
The British Geological Survey (BGS) said magnitude of 5.3 and the epicentre was near Market Rasen in Lincolnshire.

Market Rasen is just down the road from us. And I've already had several concerned enquiries from lovely friends who were worried about us.

So I'll just say here that we're all fine, and I haven't spotted any damage. The only effect of it was waking in the night and thinking what on earth is that noise? But I was so tired I went back to sleep again.

Quite annoying, really, as I missed most of perhaps one of the most dramatic natural events in this area.

But thankfully no one was hurt, no cats scared - and actually, even if we'd had any broken windows it wouldn't have mattered as we are having them all replaced in 3 weeks.

I'm so glad that it seems no one anywhere was seriously hurt - and I wish I had noticed more but it's all my latest hero's fault that I didn't as he is giving me such a hard time trying to write his story that I was worn out when I went to bed and missed most of the drama.


Madeline said...

Kate, I'm so glad that you are ok, and that nobody was hurt. We had a brief spot on our local news about the earthquake but not many details.

Anna Adams said...


I came to check on you as soon as I saw the news. How thoughtful of you to blog that you and yours were well. :-)

Back to work, but I hope the rest of today is calm and non-tremorish!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you're all okay.Quite a strong one wasn't it. There was a brief mention on CNN this morning.


Donna Alward said...

Yes indeedy. I am glad all is well.

When I was a girl we had a quake. When you said "What is that noise" I automatically smiled. It wasn't the movement I noticed as much as the sound that perhaps a tractor was running into the house.


Take care babes!

Anne McAllister said...

Ah yes, the earthquake sound. Mostly to me that is the sound of plates rattling in the cupboards. I didn't like it when they fell off the shelves, believe me.

Hope all is well in Market Rasen and the rest of the area. Glad you and the BM and Sid and Flora and Dyl are all unscathed.

Julie Cohen said...

How about the hedgehogs? Are they okay?

lara said...

gosh it did move didn't it? it was quite scary here, the whole house was shaking and the bed was rattling...our 8 year old was in tears and 3 year old slept through, but climed she heard a spaceship? this claim came shortly before she cut her own hair this morning.
love to you and Steve

Jane said...

Hi Kate,
Glad to hear you're fine.

Cryna said...

Kate so glad that you are all okay. Not quite how I would want my bed to be Just glad it was not more serious.

Sandra Schwab said...

Kate, I'm so glad to hear your family and the cats are all okay. :)

I remember that when I visited my English penfriend for this first time, there was a mini-earthquake in the area around Birmingham. Too bad I hadn't yet learnt the word "earthquake". So when my friend's mum later asked me how I had liked the earthquake, I thought she meant how I had liked whatever place we had visited that day. "I really loved it," I said, beaming. -- "Really?" -- "Uhm ... yes?" *g*


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