Friday, February 29, 2008

Films and international friends

I think that my current hero, Santos has been annoyed at having to share my attention with all the guys from the Here Come The Grooms contest - he's been making me fight him all the way. So I hope that things will go so much better after today when the Grooms contest ends. I'll be getting Sid to pick a winner tomorrow when March 1st dawns.

So as I have to concentrate on getting Santos to - hopefully - cooperate it's lucky that I'm blogging over on the Pink Heart Society today, talking about one of my favourite films. And it's one staring that man again - Hugh Jackman. Sadly, not in a towel, but Hugh in frock coat, breeches, white shirt, cravat and boots is well worth a look anyway.

I've noticed an increase in visitors from India on my country counter so I want to say a special hello to all the new visitors from there who have found the blog recently. My book The Greek Tycoon's Unwilling Wife was one of the very first books distributed in India in November through the brand new branch of M&B India in Mumbai there. And my March release Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife, is going on sale there tomorrow. So welcome, readers in India and I hope you'll enjoy this new title of mine.

Talking of intenational visitors, I want to send a special Hello to one of the winners of my Valentine's Day contest - Doaa who lives in Kaluobia in Egypt and who tells me that she and her friends, Sara, Dina, Alia, and Mona "made this special girls-night-in-reading-Kate-novels". What a lovely idea and I'm thrilled that you all enjoy my books so much. Sending a special wave to you all, and Doaa I hope your prize reached you soon.

Finally, when I talked about the relaunch of the great site We Write Romance, I mentioned that Heather Reed would be putting up an interview with me very soon. Well, Heather sent me a message yesterday to say that the interview was ready to go up for March - so you can check it out here. Heather even went to the trouble of adding at the last mminute the news about the reprint of The Alcolar Family in August which I didn't know about when I did the interview, so that you really have all the up to date news in this one. Thanks Heather!

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