Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Here Come the Grooms Contest 2

I want to introduce you to all the Grooms who are helpiung Anne, Liz and I to run this contest. As I've mentioned, I'll be in London from Wednesday to Saturday - so you'll have to wait until the weekend to become acquainted with my own hero, Raul.

Raul whose surname we're not mentioning because that's the answer to his question in this contest. You can find the answer to that on my web site

Anyway, as Raul's book Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Bride doesn't appear on the bookshop shelves until March, he can afford to spend his time kicking his heels and waiting. (He won't like that, mind you - he's a pretty impatient mine - and an aristocrat to boot - but he's going to have to wait his turn.) Because first I want to introduce you to Liz Fielding's hero from her very special book - her 50th Mills and Boon Romance. Congratulations Liz - and many many of them!

So, the hero of L'z's brilliant book, The Bride's Baby, is self-made tycoon, Tom McFarlane.

He's a man who has everything except the very necessary well-bred wife to put the gloss on his meteoric rise from the lowest sphere of society.

A man who knows that love hurts and is having none of it, only for love to throw a spanner into the carefully oiled works and overturn his well-laid plans.

And if I can steal a great quote from Liz's web site - here's a bride's eye view of him to be going on with:

Sylvie turned to find her way blocked by six and a half feet of broad-shouldered male and experienced a bewildering sense of déjà vu.

A feeling that this had happened before.

And then she looked up and realised it was not an illusion. This had happened before – except on that occasion the male concerned had been wearing navy pin-stripe instead of grey cashmere.

“Some billionaire…” Laura had said, but she hadn’t mentioned a name. And she hadn’t bothered to ask, pretending she didn’t care.

She cared now, because it wasn’t just “some” billionaire who’d bought her family home and was planning to turn it into a conference centre.

It was Tom McFarlane, the man with whom, just for a few moments, she’d totally lost it. Whose baby she was now carrying.

Tom’s question is --
What colour silk did I become intimately acquainted with?
You’ll find the answer on Liz’s website.

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