Friday, February 15, 2008

Great Site Relaunch

I'm rushing around today - lots to do - a book to write - a dreadline on the horizon . . .

But I just wanted to let you know about a great site that has been revamped and is relaunching today - or just as soon as Heather gets everything organised.

In case you don't know, Heather Reed is the talented and wonderfully efficient web designer who helps me with my site - she and Terescia planned and designed the wonderful new look (was that really a year ago?) and she deals with my updates almost before I send them to her.

So I'm delighted to have this chance to let her tell you about her plans for the future of the We Write Romance site: is set to relaunch February 14, 2008!

While WWR is the same romantic fiction site you've known for years, it's now under new management. Original co-founder, Heather Reed, will now be running the site with an outlook toward opening the it up to new author and reader opportunities.

One of the first changes is the establishment of a new Author Sponsorship program. Another is a fresh round of interviews from a variety of authors (from Sweet to Sexy), as well as reviews for the latest books.

There are also new promotional opportunities like book cover advertisements and banner rotations.

Unpublished authors will definitely want to watch the site for news about upcoming writing contests.

Readers should also check out the Red-Hot Reads list for sizzling recommended reads.

There's definitely something for everyone. And more to come.

One of those new interviews will be one with me that's due to be posted soon - look out for that around March 1st and in the meantime, enjoy all that We Write Romance has to offer.

Oh - and talking of new ventures - this is what I was given yesterday. The Babe Magnet's latest - as someone said, when you've spent so long writing about murders, I suppose the next logical step is to deal with the ones that come back to haunt . . .

At least this has a wonderfully evocative cover, unlike the cover on the other new book on Yorkshire's Hangmen.

Perhaps that was the reason why I had a nightmare about being hanged last night . . . no, on second thoughts that was probably the thought of what my editor will do to me if I miss this dreadline . . back to work!


Heather R. said...

Thanks for posting about, Kate...

But oh, Lord, did you have to post my picture!?! LOL! I can hardly believe that was taken over a year ago while I was nine months pregnant!

And that it's been over that since we (Terescia and I) redesigned your site. You are such a joy to work with the time has certainly flown by!

And what a lovely cover for the dh's book!

All the best,
Heather R.

Danica/Dream said...

Congrats to the Babe Magnet. And very cool on the new site.

I miss you too!!


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