Wednesday, July 05, 2006

And the winners are -

Sid goes into action
(this picture was taken for an easlier contest - with much fewer entries!)

Sid has done his job - he has generously taken the great trouble to eat some cat crunchies in order to select the prize winners for the Bag of Books Contest (It's a tough job but some cat has to do it!)

And the winners are -


Agnes Matthew Aberdeen Scotland
Norma Zaleski Texas USA

Who each receive a signed copy of one of my books and a bookbag

Oluwatoyosi Akinyele USA who wins His Miracle Baby

Debbie Ellison Ontario Canada

Jo-Anne Heyrman Canada who wins Their Secret Baby

Sundipika Kapoor India

Andrea Fisher Australia who wins Bound By Blackmail

Amanda Edmond Seychelles who wins The Spaniard's Inconvnient Wife

What an international set of winners. I shall hope to see lots of interesting red dots on my clustr map soon!

To everyone of the 200 other entrants who didn't win this time - there will be another new contest just as soon as I can think of one (and when Sid has digested 210 or so cat crunchies!)
Keep calling back to my web site - or make sure you're on the mailing list to get the details as soon as I know that.

Thanks to everyone who entered and made this the most successful contest I've ever run - and thanks to all the authors who donated books to make up a really great prize.


Anne McAllister said...

Aren't ClustrMaps fun? I love mine. It's always amazing to go to a new map and see where readers are coming from.

Did Sid do all the choosing on his own or did he have some help? I should think, with hundreds of entries, he would spread the wealth around a little. Er, well, maybe not.

Michelle Styles said...

Congrats to all the winners.

I agree cluster maps are fun.

blueberri said...

WOOHOO! to your wide range of readers, Kate! Awesome!


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