Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Hedgehogs Part II

Remember those hedgehogs? And their assignation under the magnolia tree? And the grunt snuffle grunt noises in the darkness of the night? Well for the last 3 nights it has been very very watm here. So we have tried to sleep with all the windows open - and believe me, when you are trying to sleep and all you can hear is grunt snuffle grunt! grunt snuffle GRUNT! from the back garden, it gets a little wearing.

I also suspect that it should by rights get a little wearing for Mr Hedgehog - because we have
discovered that there are not just 2 hedgehogs - there are 3. And I think that there is one Mr H and 2 Ms Hs - so last night when they came for cat crunchies and water (perhaps I should get them to choose the prize winners in future?) - anyway - one little hedgehog just got on with chomping crunchies and slurping water while another two hedgehogs played grunt snuffle grunt under the magnolia bush.

So now we are anticpating the arrival of some hoglets in the future - and as grown Hogs can have 3 -6 hoglets in a litter and Mr H seems to have two ladies, that'sa lot of little ones. So we've decided to help. Now Mr H has a lovely detached home to take his lady friends back to - that is what's in the picture - Hedgehog Towers. We left plenty of potential bedding in the form of woodshavings and leaves outside the main tunnel and as the picture shows, most of it has been taken inside - and elsewhere - for nesting purposes. No one is actually in residence yet, but the food that has been left in there has been eated so we hope that soon a small family will decide to live there. Specially in winter when Hogs need a nice snug place to hibernate.

There's another reason for my post today - you may have noticed that, following the example of Anne McAllister and other authors, I have install a ClustrMap on this blog. Yesterday I talked about Sicilians - and today the adverts on the map when you click to enlarge are all about Sicily. So this post is something of a challenge to them - what will the adverts be about tomorrow? 'Buy your own hedgehog here'? Detached country residents for hedgehogs For Sale?

We shall see. I'm also interested to see where those intriguing red dots start appearing on the map. Wherever your from, you're welcome - and I'm glad you came to visit. Please post a comment to say who you are and where you're from.

Happy July 4th to all my American friends who are celebrating today.


Sela Carsen said...

Having a hulking dog tends to keep the hedgehogs away, but once, Yukon discovered one curled up in our back garden. She was stumped. And, more big-hearted than bright, she pawed and barked at it until I came out to see what the fuss was. Thankfully, our gardener was there and knew what to do with the poor, terrified thing.

Once placed in the peaceful -- and dog-less -- front garden, it trundled away unharmed.

Anonymous said...

Awww... you're so nice to the hodgehegs! We have a pair living under our shed. No babies last year and none so far this year, either, so I don't think Mr Hog is doing his thing properly!


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