Monday, July 17, 2006

RNA Conference - the reality

It's hot! And my brain cell is Scrambled by a Sicilian - and I just realised that I haven't reported much on the RNA Conference. But, as I said - it's hot - and my scrambled brain hasn't come up with anything new and interesting to say. I've been looking at various reports on the RNA Conference in the blogs of people who were there and they cover so much of the event that my comments probably wouldn't add very much - but there weren't many photographs. I have photographs so I'll post them instead of words. I can manage that, even with a hot and scrambled brain cell. So here are some snapshots of The RNA Conference Penrith 2006

We did do some work - honest ! The first pictures show some of us hard at work -

Michelle Styles deep in discussion
over breakfast

HMB editor Maddie Rowe
runs a workshop, here
discussing a suitable heroine

Julie Cohen, Anna Lucia
Biddy Coady - Maddie Rowe
in the background
(they're hard at work smiling)

But of course, at most conferences the real conversations go on in the halls of residence kitchens
- late into the night . . .

Nell Dixon and
Allison Littlehales

Biddy brings more supplies

Someone called Kate Walker

with Michelle Reid in the background

Anna Lucia

And after a while, the pictures got a little blurred . . .

I wonder why. . . .

(This is Michelle Nell and Allison)


Susan Rix said...

Thanks Kate! Do the RNA hold a conference at Penrith every year? I'm already putting a wish list together for when I (hopefully) join next year. :-)

Nell Dixon said...

ROFL those pics bring back some happy memories. Here's to creating new ones next year at Leics

Unknown said...

Ahhh we are so well behaved!! I wasn't bringing more supplies I was TAKING THEM BACK WITH ME!!
Can't wait until next year!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Love them. :)

Anonymous said...

Great photos Kate! Thanks for sharing.

Liz Fielding said...

Lovely to see everyone having such a great time, Kate!

Anonymous said...

Lovely to see the photos, Kate--especially the ones of your late-night party held while I was being lamely pregnant in bed! It was fun.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pics! ... and I'm even sadder that I couldn't be there with you all. Looks as if you had an amazing time. However, I will make cake to bring to a kitchen party next year in Leicester. (Yes, the lemon one. Or I'm open to requests, *g*)

Sue - just to answer your question and hijack Kate's blog temporarily - there's a conf every year but the location changes. Last year was Enfield, year before was Leicester, and hurrah next year is Leicester too.

Susan Rix said...

Woohoo! Guess what county I've just moved to... [VBG]

Anna Louise Lucia said...

Oooooh, excellent pics, Kate! You're looking regal and gracious, as ever. :-)

And look! I don't look as fat as I used to! ;-)

Husband made a run to the recycling yesterday, with the rather large amount of bottles we had accumulated.

"You can tell Biddy's been here," he said, later.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because when I got back I found three more empty win bottles. Two on the sideboard and one nestling down by the sofa...."

In Biddy's defence, I think I *may* have been involved in the production of said empties... ;-)


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