Monday, July 31, 2006

Still Celebrating . . .

As an extra to yesterday's post about the RITA results, my dear friend Anne Gracie, whose own Regency novel - The Perfect Rake - sadly just missed out on an award on Saturday night, has sent me a lovely photograph of Marion Lennox celebrating her win together with Mitzi, her black and silver mini-schnauzer . Anne tells me that a little bit of champagne was involved in these celebrations - Mitzi clearly had more than her share, seeing as Marion is having to hold her upright!

One thing I should also have mentioned is that for both Liz Fielding and Marion Lennox this is a SECOND RITA - some writers have all the luck! And the talent - and the sheer all-fired niceness that make it impossible to be jealous of them. But as winning a single RITA is a huge huge achievement, I think that for both of them to have won a second award is just stunning.

Liz won her first RITA for The Best Man And the Bridesmaid in 2001. And
I was lucky enough to be at the Fancy Dress Reception at Romance Writers of Australia Conference when Marion was presented with her first RITA for her 2004 book Her Royal Baby. As I recall, she was wearing wings at the time. Somehow I suspect that right now - to quote a certain song - she'd 'flying without wings.'

Once again CONGRATULATIONS Liz and Marion!


blueberri said...

Congrats to Marion and Liz and I hope Anne conquers that RITA soon!

I won Liz's book, THE SHEIKH'S GUARDED HEART, last week! WOOHOO! I'm watching my mailbox! :)

Wild wave to Kate! It's so hot here that today I had my hair cut pixie style. DH says one more time at the beauty shop for me and he'll be able to use the buzzer and get the same results. LOL

Have a super day!

good times said...

Sounds great, Jim.

Kate Walker said...

Hi Blue

How great the you won Liz's new book. It's on my TBR pile - all I need is a little time to read it!

The new haircut sounds great - and cool. If the heat has been anything like it has here then you'll be glad of it


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