Tuesday, July 25, 2006

More from Caerleon

So - just to please blueberri, here is a bit of Caerleon Castle. The truth is that there isn't really very much of it left - so this is part of the ruins.

A lot of Caerleon dates back even earlier - to Roman times. In the museum there are lots of wonderful Roman artefacts, special little pieces of gemstone with tiny engravings on them. And there's one discovery that alwasy makes me feel quite sad - when excavations were made they discovered a clay pot filled with dozens and dozens of coins. It's believed that some poor Roman soldier came out here on duty and saved up his pay, putting it in this pot, for when he went home. I have this vision of him planning to buy a home or perhaps a business so he could stay in Rome and never have to travel again. But he must have died here and his savings stayed with him.

Here's a picture of all that's left of the Roman Amphitheatre

Here at Writers' Holidays, the first courses of the week are almost over - the courses run for two sessions each morning, Monday Tuesday and half of Wednesday. Then the second course takes over and they run from Second Session Wednesday to final session Friday. My course is in the second session. So I'm about ready to start.

Yesterday there were also talks by agent Theresa Chris and a very special lady who is very dear to me and to everyone here at Caerleon - Iris Gower. Iris writes strong emotional sagas set around her own home town of Swansea. Her latest book is just out in hardback - it's title is Act of Love.

Iris has been involved with Writers' Holidays from the start and when I first came here her husband came too. Sadly, he died some years ago and it was obvious that Iris was devastated. But yesterday when I saw her there was a new sparkle in her eyes and a smile on her face - and a special Scottish betrothal ring on her finger. She has met a wonderful man called Peter who is clearly making her so very happy. It's a lovely romantic story.

I have been having so much fun meeting old friends and making new ones. One very special person I must mention is one of the brand new authors whose first book - and now her second - has been bought recently by Harlequin Mills & Boon. Abby Green will have her first romance published in January 2007 - so look out for that. Rememeber, you read it first here! I can't wait to get my hands on Abby's boook. Abby herslef is a warm and delightful person - so I have high hopes of her novels too.

Well, now I must go and prepare for my classes tomorrow - and maybe take a stroll into Caerleon itself. I think the BM is preparing for a poetry reading that will take place tomorrow night - it's all go!


lidia said...

Kate, I hope that you are having a good time. The picures are wonderful! So much history is encompassed on those sites.

blueberri said...

Thank you Kate, for the photos! It's amazing the stonework of parts of Caerlon Castle are still standing with the elements after it day and night.

I loved the pot of coins image you painted, imagining the soldier who saved the coins. Sometimes when I read about a person in history and feel a connection, I send up a little prayer for him or her.

The Roman Amphitheatre is sure picturesque.

I'm happy Iris found love again and has been able to write since then. :) May blessings pour her way!

Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS pics. (Inspiring me to go castle-hunting here...)

Congrats to Abby, too.

Glad you're having fun at Caeleon. Give the BM a big hug for me.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kate

Glad to hear you too are enjoying Caerleon. I have heard the BM loves plucky people.......

Anna Adams said...

Thanks for the beautiful trip reports! :-) You made me a little weepy with the story about the roman soldier. How poignant to think of him working so hard, but not getting to use the fruits of his labors. Makes you think, doesn' t it?

I have to tell you, I'd love to make it to the UK some day to take one of your classes! ;-)

Christine Clever-Clogs said...

Kate, Greetings from Caerleon computer room!

Fantastic course btw, learning tons, and not just about romantic fiction. Your course is aplicable to all forms of fiction

I've also learnt:
i) more than I wanted to about how to cope in workshops with temperatures similar to a Tandoori oven
ii) I could probably consume my own body weight in food (hurrah for Caerleon catering!)
iii) How to establish a BlogSpot of my very own (everyone should have one)

Just realised it's nearly time for dinner ... hurrah for caerleon, ann & gerry and your course

check out my blogspot: http://christine-clever-clogs.blogspot.com/


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