Saturday, July 29, 2006

I'm Back!

I got back home from Wales last nightafter a long hot journey - so now I'm trying to catch up. I didn' find any time to post in the last couple of days as the mornings were taken up with teaching my course.
(If any of my students are reading this (and that includes Christine Clever Clogs - Hi! - you were a great bunch. Thank you for being there and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!)

Afternoons? Well, they were taken up with being hot, walking around Caerleon, talking, sleeping, Eating (the food at Caerleon is too good not to have Eating with a capital E) reading . . . .

But now I'm back - and hopefully normal service will be resumed.

I have good news - more of which I'll mention but first of all - the Blogparty over on Lucy Monroe's Blog - it's still going - and at some point today I'll be posting in my special Blogparty spot . Just as soon as I think of something to Blog about!

In the meantime, today may or may not see the USA publication of my latest Harlequin Presents novel The Antonakos Marriage. I say may or may not because officially the publication date is August 1st so Amazon has it still on preorder
Barnes and Noble however has it on sale, and on the cover looks like this -

Hmm - the cover doesn't show for some reason - but you get the idea!

Some friends have told me that The Antonakos Marriage is available in the shops where they are, others can't yet find it - so I hope you can find it where you are and that you enjoy it when you get your hands on a copy.

This book won the Best Mills& Boon Modern Romance in the Books of the Year Awards 2005 on CataRomance and it's been getting some lovely reviews - here's a quote from just one:

Kate Walker has written her best romance novel yet, in this reviewer’s
humble opinion! I LOVED this story! I think others do as well since
it has been awarded the Best Mills & Boon Modern Romance of 2005 title from
the Cataromance Books of the Year Awards .

THE ANTONAKOS MARRIAGE is a novel that will have its readers on the
edge of the seat in anticipation of its ending. Will Skye’s good
intentions of helping her father only cause her to lose the only man she’s ever
loved? Will Theo have the will to fight for what he wants? The
passion is intensely sensual, the romance is breathtaking, and the hero and
heroine are both tortured with their needs for each other. Emotions and
sexual tension run high, and the intense drama is sure to hold readers’
attention. I highly recommend this new addition to my keeper shelf to
readers of sensual contemporary romance.

Sherri Myers Romance

Right - I have bags to unpack, washing to do, emails and mail to read, cats
to stroke and appease for the way they were 'abandoned' for the
week - and then I'll catch up some more


Susan Rix said...

Welcome back Kate!

Congrats on your USA publication!! I'm not surprised it's sold out on eHarlequin - it's a FAB read!

Sue :-)

Anne McAllister said...

Glad to see you back, Kate. And Theo's book was terrific. The "sold out" sign is a good one to have! But it's a nice cover, too, so the least they could do would be put up the cover and then put "sold out" over it!

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge fan and just wanted to tell you how much i enjoyed the Antonakos Marriage. It's definetly one of my favorites.
Thank you for the wonderful story :)

Anonymous said...

Well you know that I loved this book and it went on sale on Amazon. I've also seen it at Barnes and Noble, Target, and Walden's.

Skye’s and Theo’s journey is a rough one but so intense, emotional and passionate I couldn't put it down.

Kate, thanks for you're wonderful stories.

Kate Walker said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for the welcomes back. I'm a bit late, I know but I've been catching up with so much since I went away. And thank you all so much for saying how much you enjoyed The Antonakos Marriage.

Naima - welcome - I hope you'll visit often. I'm so happy that you enjoyed this book and that it's one of your favourites.


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