Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Countdown to Christmas 2

Last year when I had more time and more concentration, I organised a special Advent Calendar for all my readers - every day there was a book 'behind the door'  on the calendar and everyone who came to chat was entered into the prize draw for that day - and all the other days through December. This year I don't have so much time. I've also just done the Great Big Blog Tour which meant that I gave away lots of books already.

But - hey - it's Christmas - and last year I had so much fun with this because I got to ask questions and  to find out more about all my readers.  And I loved that.  So this year I'm running a smaller shorter Countdown to Christmas - with questions and  prizes and - I hope  - lots of chat for the 12 days leading up to the big day.

So here's how it works - I've been cleaning out my book stock cupboard and I've found 12 different prizes to give away. Some are older some brand new, some are collections, some single novels - it all depends on what my hand falls on for the day.  Every day I'll ask a  question - I know there are lots of lovely readers out there and I want to know more about you . You just come and chat with me in the commenst section and at the end of the day I'll get Charlie the Maine Coon busy on picking a winner . . .

One a day for the next 12 days.  Well,  11 days actually because as I explained yesterday over on Romance book Paradise Nas Dean has already started this off with the great  giveaway of a signed copy of the 12 Point Guide - there still a chance to win there if you want to check it out.

And today? Well today's prize is a copy of the 3 in 1 volume One Night in Madrid - this has novels by Jennie Lucas, Chantelle Shaw and me.  And the book of mine that is in this collection is
Spanish Billlionaire Innocent Wife -

Two years ago, Alannah left Raul without one word of regret. Now chance has thrown them together once more, and the proud Spanish aristocrat will see that Alannah pays for her mistake.
He had wanted Alannah Redfern the first moment he saw her. Her unique combination of purity and passion intrigued, then intoxicated him. And Raul MarcĂ­n was a man used to getting everything he wanted.
Now, Raul knows that Alannah is no longer a naive girl. Until their one night of passion proves that she is still an innocent. Raul will do whatever it takes to keep her at his mercy.

And for the question?

Well, let's start with something simple  -  I see the counters on my blog mounting up - I have had visitors from 167 different countries - 167!!

But what about you? Where are you from?  What country? What city/town?  What's it like where you live?

I'd love to know

And when Charlie comes down from climbing the Christmas tree, I'll get him to pick a winner for today - then you can come back tomorrow and see what book is on offer then.

The countdown to Christmas has started . . . .


Sunu said...

I am from India. I live in Chennai. Where I am its always hot even in winter :D . . . But nothing can beat the feel of living here. But the place I love the most is where I was born. Nagercoil. I just regret my son couldn't get to grow in a place so beautiful as Nagercoil.

Maria said...

I'm from India too, via Ireland. I live in Lucknow, a beautiful, historical north Indian city which has rather lost out to Agra, the city of the Taj Mahal, which is in the same state. I still miss my native Dublin, though.

Kate, I already have my copy of this book which came out here recently. It has one of your older books in it so it was a good chance for me to read some of your backlist. But I just couldn't resist joining in the conversation. I just adore your cat, he's incredibly gorgeous...

Unknown said...

How on earth did Charlie get up there?! My cat, Saffron, has launched a determined effort to remove all the baubles from my tree but so far (cross fingers) has not tried to climb it! I live in the UK, in a small(ish) Cheshire town. I love all the nearby country pubs, the lovely park and the fact that the town still has a market and keeps up with traditions such as dancing round the maypole. We also have a christmas market, plus carolling in the square at this time of year. I do like annual trips abroad for a dose of much needed sunshine though!

Kaelee said...

Hi Kate ~ I'm from Calgary Alberta Canada.

Charlie at least climbed the tree before you had it decorated. gotta love cats and Christmas trees. For years we decorated ours with non breakable ornaments on the bottom branches. We haven't put up a tree for quite a while now so my current two cats haven't had the fun of a Christmas tree.

Julie said...

I've lived in a village in Perthshire, Scotland, since 1998. However, I'm English and grew up in a village in Derbyshire where my family had lived for over 300 years. I went to university in Durham and stayed on in the area until we moved up here.

I'm definitely more suited to living in the country than in a town. Here we can see trees and hills, and we even get red squirrels in the gardens.

Kaye Manro said...

Hi Kate! Have a Merry Christmas and a much better year for you in 2012! (we had a house fire this year and lost many things that were dear. So I can relate.)

Thanks for the newsletter.

Wow, Charlie! You look a lot like my cat, Bit. I bet you two would be good friends!

My 2012 goal is to release my Medieval Time Travel series.

Here's to good luck in the new year for us all!

Eva S said...

Hi Kate!
I live in Finland, in a little town called Pargas. This town is in the archipelago in the southwest and the only town in Finland surrounded by water. A very beautiful place.

chey said...

I live in a small mining town in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. It's not too cold yet.

GladysMP said...

I am from Houston, TX, and am a native Texan and native Houstonian. I have done a lot of traveling, but this is still home. The weather here has changed dramatically, We seldom had freezes in the past, but had three hard ones last winter and have had a slight freeze already this year. Then the drought came this summer and we almost forgot what rain was. Trees died by the thousands along with tropical plants. This has been so sad.

gigi said...

Hi Kate,

I got your newsletter.
I am so sorry to hear that Sid passed away. My kitty of 16 1/2 years died in June this year.

Kate,I am from the USA. I live in the deep south of Georgia just about 40 miles north of Tallahassee just above Thomasville GA .
I am surrounded by a cotton field out the front yard and a large pond out the back door.
It has been chilly the past couple of days not freezing cold but uncomfortable for people that spend most of the year in shorts and short sleeves.
Tomorrow is supposed to be a lovely day warm, so I plan of washing my dog (she is 12)she gets a warm tub bath and a blow dry on the front porch. Bridgette is and English Springer so I bet you know that breed.

I can't wait to hear more about Charlie.

Pat Cochran said...

Merry Christmas, Kate and Charlie!

Our late orange tabby, named Gerald,
was only a few weeks old when he took
up residence in our home. He was still
quite small when Christmas came about.
We got up one morning to find him in
the Christmas tree, sound asleep. He
continued to enjoy naps in the tree
each year until he began to tip over
the tree as he grew larger! Not his
favorite thing, falling out of the
tree, so he eventually began to sleep
under the tree.

Pat Cochran( of Houston, Texas)

Carol said...

Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a much happier New Year. I live in Succasunna, New Jersey, USA. I've lived in New Jersey all my life and I love it. Its near New York City and the shore so there's lots to do and we have 4 seasons.

Mary Preston said...

I'm from QLD, AUSTRALIA. I live in a large country town that is world famous for it's Spring Flower Carnival. We have a hot, Summer Christmas.


Adriana said...

Trieste, North East of Italy, close to the Slovenian border. That's where I live and where I am from. This area of the "sunny" Italy (actually it's raining outside, but who minds ...) has been called a melting pot, since there are so many cultures (Italian, Austrian, Slovenian) mixing up together that we can hardly define ourself (for example my elder relatives on my daddy's side were German, my mum's from Yugoslavja). That's why I took up studying foreing languages and at present I am working at the airport.
Trieste with its surroudings (the Karst), its literary heritage (J. Joyce lived here and began Ulysses in Trieste), its history etc. etc. is a perfect place where a romance can take place ... all we need is someone who can write about it!!
Have a very very .... BUON NATALE!!

mondal said...

I already have my copy of this book which came out here recently. It has one of your older books in it so it was a good chance for me to read some of your backlist.]

British Food

Sharon Archer said...

Hi Kate! I just had to pop in and say how much I love that pick of cheeky Charlie in the Christmas tree - I bet he's murder on the ornaments! LOL

I've from Victoria, Australia so a long long way south of Marybelle. It's summer here... or supposed to be. Today I'm all rugged up and resisting the temptation to put the heater on. It's supposed to warm up in the next couple of days.


Unknown said...

Don't you just hate having to retype a simply brilliant post because you forgot your password. Short story...I'm from Stanthorpe, QLD Australia. Just finished reading The Temptation Game. Totally traumatised but kept saying 'Must be a happy ending, must be a happy ending, no place like home.' etc and so forth. NOw for the Sicilians. YOu guessed it. I'm wallowing in your backlist.
Fiona Marsden

Unknown said...

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