Tuesday, December 06, 2011

I amost forgot . . .

Oops, I've only just realised the date! (Yes I am that confuzzled at the moment!)

It's the 6th of December and that means that following on from the Big Blog Tour,  several people asked me to come back and do an extra blog or two with them in the run up to Christmas (and beyond). The first of these was the lovely Michelle Fayard who  won a  copy of the 12 Point Guide way back at the beginning of the tour, then hosted me as a guest blogger a bit later.   She so  appreciated the  12 Point Guide that she asked me to do a special interview with her about the book and how it came to be written and the result is posted over on her blog today.

Lots of hints for writers there too.
And if you're hoping to drop a hint to Santa to put a copy of the 12 Point Guide in your  stocking at Christmas, there is news of another chance to win a copy of this guide coming up soon.

See you there!

And if you're in the UK and either a member or hoping to be a member of the  RNA's New Writers' Scheme - then there's a series of blogs on the scheme and how it works, what writers have got out of it on the RNA blog now.

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