Friday, December 23, 2011

Countdown to Christmas Days 9 & 10

I blinked and I missed yesterday!  Too much to do, too much going on -  but I promised 12 Days of Christmas so today will have  2 giveaways to catch up!

First things first - the winner of  Day 8's give away is Princess Fiona ( I love the honesty of admitting that you are the most difficult person to buy for!)  - Fiona  you win a copy of  At  The Sheikh's Command so please send me your postal address and I will get the book on its way to you - when there is a post!

Today's giveaway is a double  chance to win - the book I'm giving this time is another 3 in 1 called Mediterranean Tycoons.  This has a reprint of a book of mine from  2007  -

 The Greek Tycoon's Unwilling Wife

He thought she was his mistress . . .
Recuperating on his private Greek island after a car crash, Andreas Petrakos had no memory of the previous year. The last thing he remembered was his passionate affair with beautiful Rebecca Ainsworth.
. . . when actually she was his wife!
Becca returned to the island because Andreas had asked for her. But she had to hide the truth from him. So what would happen when he recalled throwing Becca out - on their wedding day - for a reason only he knew?

And your question today is -

I don't often write Chritmas based stories -  there's The Christmas Baby's Gift   and  Fiancée By Mistake  - and the truth is that usually by this time of year I'm too busy to sit down with any holiday based books, and I'm not desperately keen on reading them at any other time of the year.

What about you? 

Do you love Christmas stories - or prefer not to have such specific references in them? Are there any Christmas books you've really enjoyed - or are looking forward to reading this holiday?

You know what to do - post in the comments and I'll get Charlie to pick 2 winners before he's too stuffed with cat treats and his own Christmas dinner to be interested!


Lois said...

Oh, I definitely love to read Christmas themed books... once October rolls around, any that I get then, I'll save for December. But if I get any at other times, (if I can, of course! LOL), I'll read them them. But I also bring out old favorites from previous Christmases. So yeah, love it. :)


Scarlet Wilson said...

Hi Kate
Just wanted to wish you and your gorgeous husband and merry christmas and lovely new year. I hope to see you sometime this year, maybe at the Summer Party in May or at Penrith in the Summer. Looking forward to it
Susan x

Julie said...

I love to read Christmas themed books at this time of year, and always make sure I've a good supply for December.

BiteMeAsh said...

I do enjoy reading Christmas themed books ;o) and find that I enjoy reading them all year through not only over the festive period but it does make it all that more special if one curls up on Christmas morning to a good book *lol*

Rita from South Africa

Amanda Gardner said...

I enjoy Christmas stories and I will read them when I get them from my local stores or around Christmas depending on when get them. I will even read other holiday books if I have them.

There is not really any books that I can think of that were Christmas based that I enjoyed... too many books read between them to remember.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, the Babe Magnet, Flora and Charlie

Colleen said...

I love holiday books anytime of year. I enjoy the holidays through the characters story... the ups and downs that happen all to get to their HEA!
Merry Christmas!

Debby said...

Sometimes I really need a good Christmas story. I plan on reading a few this week.
debby236 at gmail dot com

chey said...

I like to read Christmas books throughout the year but not too close together. I don't want to read about too much snow at this time of year. I'm living it, I don't want to read about it too.

Elisa DeLany said...

I like Christmas stories during Christmas. Any other time it's kind of...weird. But it's fun to read them around the holidays. I'll save Christmas stories for Christmas when I find one I want. I'm sure I'd read yours. (:

I love the blurb for The Greek Tycoon's Unwilling Wife. It sounds passionate and intriguing.

Carol said...

I like to read Christmas books mostly at Christmas time, although I must admit to reading them at other times too. I only own a few of these books, so sometimes, when I need a Christmas book fix I go to the Harlequin and Mills and Boon website online reads to find one. Actually, I'm readin a new one on Harlequin's website, but it drives me crazy waiting each day for a new installment to be posted.

Unknown said...

I don't mind Christmas themed books but they don't specifically attract me. I would buy one if it was by an author I like. I have a Carole Mortimer I can read any time of year and now I know Kate has some I will track them down as well. Still a few gaps in my Walker collection . To the person who likes the sound of The GTs Unwilling Wife I have to say I read it about a week ago and loved it. So pleased to have won the Sheik tale. Another gap filled ;-].

Unknown said...

Now I have a passionate urge to re read the GT Unwilling Wife again. I'm never going to get my reading list down if I keep revisiting ones I like. That is one thing about Kate's books. EMinently worth rereading over and over again. I read some of her earlier onesinthe dawn of time and recently reacquired them and enjoyed them thoroughly the second time. Definitely keepers.

Mary Preston said...

I do enjoy Christmas stories. I find they have a little extra magic to them.

Merry Christmas!!

I wish you joy, health & love.

Maria said...

I can read a Christmas book at any time of the year. Reading creates an alternative world for me and I can get lost in a book and truly forget my way out of there. Ask my mother - or my husband for that matter.

Kate, I suggest you try and write a Christmas book for next year. I'd love to read one from you!

Julie B. said...

I love reading Christmas stories. The problem is that I'm so busy at this time of year that I end up reading Christmas set stories in February!

I'd like to wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas and a happy, healthy and successful New Year. Thank you for the many hours of pleasure your books have given me over the years!

Merry Christmas,


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