Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Countdown to Christmas 8

Thank you all for your comments yesterday and for  the private messages too.  I know that it has been a difficult year for many people and  sharing  helps us feel  that bit warmer and more connected. It's one of the reasons why I decided to run the Countdown to Christmas  again this year - and ask you to tell me about yourselves,  even though I've just done the Big Blog Tour as well.

My book stock cupboard is looking much barer than before as a result but it's lovely to know that my stories are going around the world and hopefully brightening that day for someone who needs it.  That is one of the great hnours of being a writer - the way of being able to touch someone's life when they need it without even knowing it.

Yesterday's winner of a copy of The Italian's Forced Bride is  Debby -  so please let me know your postal address Debby

Oh and to answer Kaelee - yes, there is Cordero's Forced Bride as well as The Italian's Forced Bride  but that;s it for the Forced Brides! Personally it's not a title I've ever liked - it's one of those that come from the 'buzzword'  type of titles - that now thankfully seem to be behind us. Incidentally,  do you like the new titles? Just wondering.

Anyway today's give away is a replay of Day 3 - This is At The Sheikh's Command. You may remember that  Lois won  a copy of this back then, but then she realised that she already had the book  so  I swapped it for another backlist title - and At The Sheikh's Command is  still available for a giveaway 

So to remind you  about this 2006 book

Abbie Cavanaugh's young brother is in jail. Abbie can obtain his freedom - but only if she marries the Sheikh of Barakhara.

And bedded...

The explosive passion between Prince Malik and Abbie could turn a marriage of convenience into one of Eastern promise.
By The Sheikh!
But neither Abbie nor Malik knows the other's real identity. Can their relationship survive once the truth is revealed?

And the question is -
Who in your family  is the most difficult person for you to buy a present for - and who is the easiest?

My answer to  that - to both questions would have to be my  DH the Babe Magnet - he's easy to buy for because all he ever asks for are books - books - and more books.  But that in my mind makes him the most difficult - because  there is never any variety in what  he wants!
Oh well, they are always easy to wrap !

PS - I'm adding an apology that I don't manage to answer all your comments  everyday. I do read them - obviously because I have to get the names to allow Charlie to pick the winners - but with so much to do and the prizes to send out etc I just don't have the time to respond to every single one. I'm so glad to see everyone joining in, 'old faces' and new   frieds turning up - you are so welcome.  And I'm so happy that you've come to visit.


Colleen C. said...

Congrats to Debby!
The person for me that is most difficult to get gifts for is one of my sisters... she never tells you what she would like or needs... forget giftcards... she seems to misplace them or forget about them...
Happy Holidays! :)

chey said...

It's most difficult for me to get gifts for my sister. I never know what she'd like. It's much easier to buy for kids.

Carol said...

I have always had a hard time buying for my sister. We were both interested in clothes when we were younger, but our tastes were so different. I didn't like what she bought me, though I would wear them when I saw her. I never saw her wear anything I bought her. So now I give her money so she can buy what she wants, where she wants. I always find it easier to buy for kids. I love buying toys, which is what they want.

GladysMP said...

My hubby is he hardest to buy for because if he feels he needs something, he goes right out and buys it. He doesn't give a thought to waiting until a birthday or Christmas. Then he can't even give me any hints. The easiest to buy for is our Yellow Lab. His appetite is endless and he loves toys to chew on and he never complains about what he gets.

Unknown said...

I'm usually the hardest to buy for in my family as I hate ornaments and I usually buy the books I want as I see them. Can't possibly wait til Christmas! This year my eldest daughter is hardest to buy for as she is travelling back to Berlin on the 27th and wont have any luggage room.

Kai said...

My Mom is the hardest person to buy a gift for. She is never satisfied with any gifts she received for Christmas.

My sister is the easiest.

Mary Preston said...

My Father is the most difficult. He wants for nothing, so ends up with a lot of chocolates from everyone.

My daughter is the easiest. She likes things that smell good & look pretty.

TashNz said...

Hi Kate. Hardest to buy for is my girls cousin and step sister when we get together which is traditionally Xmas Eve. For the last three years we've been making things. This year we made Candy Wreaths and Cookies-In-A-Jar (i think that's what they're called). Last year we made edible boquets. This years prezzies are all inspired from the website Pinterest... bewarned tho... if you're not familiar with this website you'll lose three hours before you know it!!! Anyway Merry Christmas Kate to you and your family. I hope you have a great one. Thank you for the book I won this year and I look forward to reading many more of your books. x

Julie said...

My mum is the hardest to buy for. You think that you've found the perfect gift, but she always finds something to complain about.

The cats are the easiest to buy for. Well, at least they never seem to complain about what we get for them.

Carol Warham said...

Have a lovely Christmas Kate and best wishes for the New Year from a considerably milder Huddersfield

Unknown said...

PS Re buzzword titles. I find them annoying because it's impossible to remember whether I've read 'The Billionaire (insert mediterranean country of choice)(Insert descriptor of female ie virgin,recalcitrant,funky,attrociously dressed) bride' Yet I remember the titles of books I read in the seventies and loved like 'Crown of Willow' and 'The Beads of Nemisis' and so on.

gigi said...

The most difficult to buy for is my father. But i think most of the guys are hard to buy for. The easiest is my dog Bridgette she loves everything. :)

Merry Christmas!



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