Thursday, December 15, 2011

Countdown to Christmas 4

Today's  prize giveaway is another 3 in 1 book collection - but this one has three books that are all written by me.

The prize today is the complete Alcolar Family Collection.

The Alcolar Family is the story of  a family of proud Spanish aristocrats - Passion is their birthright!

The three titles are:

The Twelve-Month Mistress

Made to be his mistress...

Joaquin Alcolar has a rule—never to keep a mistress for more than twelve months. Cassie knows that her time is nearly up, and to save her pride—and her heart—she decides to jump before she’s pushed.
However, when an accident leaves Joaquin with amnesia, he cannot recall Cassie ending their relationship. And, on doctor’s orders, Cassie can’t tell him the truth.
So is she back where she started—in Joaquin’s bed—until her recovers his memory . . . and the clock starts ticking once more . . ?

The Spaniard's Inconvenient Wife

The convenient solution is to marry her!
Ramon Dario desperately wants the Medrano company. But the deal has a shocking condition - marriage to the notorious Estrella Medrano. Ramon won't be forced into anything, least of all into wedding a scarlet woman!
But Estrella is not what he imagined. Ramon can't get her gorgeous body out of his mind. He even starts to believe she may not deserve her reputation.
A marriage of convenience - and desire - might be a good deal after all...

Bound By Blackmail

He'll make her his mistress for revenge...
Jake Taverner has never wanted a woman as much as he wants Mercedes Alcolar. So when she rejects him in the most painful way, Jake's hurt pride demands the most pleasurable revenge...
...his mistress for a month!
Jake traps Mercedes into a fake engagement as he embarks on his skillful seduction. She'll share his bed for one passionate month. But though he can bind her by blackmail...can he keep her?

And today's question . . . well, you'll have top follow me over to my guestblog post over on We Write Romance where I'll be talking about  my personal Countdown To Christmas  - and asking the question for you to answer over there!


2paw said...

Dear Kate, these three stories, and the shorter serial one (Wife For Real) are still my favourite books written by you. I read them often!! Thank you for writing them. Merry Christmas!!

Debby said...

These are ones I have never read. I hope I win.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Maria said...

I know the Alcolar family because I read 'Wife for Real' online. I was able to get it on my mobile, which was a bit of a treat. When I was waiting for pots to boil in the kitchen or standing by my washing machine, I was able to have a quick read. One day I shall surely buy an e-reader. If I ever sell a book. Or enough short stories.......

Kiru Taye said...

Spanish passion! I haven't read these yet. I'd love to. :)

Merry Christmas, Kate!

Mary Preston said...

On my way!!


Nas said...

Hi Kate,

I've read all three from this fantastic family series! After I read one, I had to go and hunt down the other three to read. It's amazing! All the books in this series are fantabulous!


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