Monday, December 19, 2011

Countdown to Christmas 6

I'm not sure where the weekend went - shopping, wrapping, visiting - and preparing a lot of packages for the post. Prize winners, your books will be on their way - and your gifts to your friends/sisters/mother in law . .  will hopefully reach them soon too,
The winner of a copy  of Mistresses Shackled with Rubies is  Sleepysian,   Sian please send me your postal addres  - use the email at the bottom of the page.

Today's giveaway is again a 3 in 1 collection - but this is an older one..  Blind-Date Brides came out in 2002 but my book in there was published  1996! So this is a chance for any collector to grab a copy of a backlist book that isn't  on sale anywhere  - except in ebook format.

The book is Hers For A Night

For twenty-four hours only . . .
Lucas Mallory - star attraction of a celebrity auction. Tall, dark and handsome and fabulously wealthy, he is every woman's dream date.
Georgia Harding - successful businesswoman. She wants to impress her father at his sixtieth birthday party by taking along the perfect man - so she bids for Lucas.
Warned about his reputation, Georgia tells herself that Lucas isn't her type. But she hasn't bargained on his lethal sex appeal - or his determination to give her value for money . . .

The otgher authors with books in this collection are Helen Brooks and Sophie Weston

And today's question is -   What was the best present you were given last year?

I think you can guess what my answer would be - he's  red and white and furry and he's helping me pick out the winners of these giveaways.

And here's what he loooked like when I first saw him! Is it any wonder that he stole my heart!


Maria said...

I don't think 1996 was that long ago. I gave birth to my elder daughter that year and when I look at the beautiful young woman (aged 14) she's grown into I wonder where the time has gone. It seems like only yesterday when I gave birth to her.

The best Christmas present I ever received was a pair of scissors from my younger sister, about twenty years ago. I was getting a friend, a trainee hairdresser to cut my hair regularly and my sister said that at least I should have my own scissors so that she could give my hair a good cut. It's rather strange, because I have long hair and just need a trim now and then. That scissors has been with me ever since, through my ups and downs of life, shifting countries, getting married and having four children. Another great gift I got was a crib (nativity scene) from my mother, carved out of a single piece of wood. The great thing is that the pieces don't get lost.

I have rather overdone it with two presents, but it's amazing what sticks in your mind. Another idea for a blog post!

Unknown said...

Ahhh isn't he adorable! My best present last Christmas was that my OH was able to spend the day with me - up until Christmas eve we thought he would be away. It is definitely the people not the presents that count. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas Kate and all the best for 2012 if I don't get chance to 'talk' to you again this week x

Debby said...

My best present last year was a kit to make something. It was very well thought out. I loved making it.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Lois said...

Count me out of the contest part for me, obviously! :)

But some time ago, could be around 15 years ago, either for my birthday or Christmas (hard to remember, given then are two days apart and all...) I got my first rubber duckie. See, I always loved Ernie, and well, I got Ernie's rubber duckie. A million duckies later, they are part of my holiday decorations. Last week I got some finally for upcoming Valentine's, St Patrick's and Easter, and Thanksgiving. As I'm typing I can look up and see my version of Santa duckies looking back at me. :) So, my duckies.

Oh, and why yes, I will be 35 on Thursday... why do you ask? ;)


Alison said...

I can't remember much about last Christmas - we'd sprung my mother from hospital for a few days and she enjoyed being with us so I was more pre-occupied with that. Sadly she died in the summer so this will be my first Christmas without her. But I do recall my most memorable present ever: many years ago, when I was young, our Christmas presents fom our parents always included pencils with our names on, and I thought those were the most amazing presents ever. Our actual names, so everyone yould know they belonged to us. How cool was that?

CrystalGB said...

My laptop was the best gift I got last year.

Colleen C. said...

Best gift... Money for books... I was able to get my hands on some great reads!
Happy Holidays!

Unknown said...

BEst gift, having all seven of my children home for Christmas. And best thing ever is I get to have it again this year. My eldest daughter who lives in Berlin packaged herself up to deliver herself for my 50th birthday on the 6th December and is staying for Christmas.
Fiona Marsden

Laney4 said...

My kids bought me a long, wooden toboggan last year. The previous year, we had gone out "G-T'ing" and I had a difficult time getting down on one, let alone scrunching my 37" long legs into it. It was hilarious seeing the steering wheel stuck between my legs and I couldn't steer it (although it didn't really steer with it either). My GF and I went down the hill at the same time, about 3 feet apart. Partway down, we collided. To this day we don't remember the collision; we just remember finding ourselves flat on our backs laughing hard (after we ensured the other was okay). I swore I'd never attempt to drive a GT again, so my kids got me the old-fashioned toboggan for me to try out. We usually go on New Year's Eve, and last year it rained, so fingers are crossed that I can break it in this New Year's Eve with the same group of friends.

Mary Preston said...

My best present last year was a Sewing Box. My old one was small & rather bedraggled after years of use. It's just beautiful & useful, which I appreciate.

Kai said...

The best present I received is the iPod.


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