Saturday, December 17, 2011

Countdown to Christmas 5

Remind me again why I do this at this time of year - when it's Christmas and I have so much else to  do?. . . . Oh yes-  I remember  - I  do it because it's Christmas!

And because it's Christmas and there is something so special about  being able to give that extra touch of happiness to someone -  and because Charlie is SO greedy . . .well, the truth is that Charlie is greedy and so is Flora, so she helped pick winners for the giveaway of Claimed by The Sicilian.

Yes I did say winners. Even when Charlie and Flora had had their picks, I couldn't possibly have chosen between all the special nominations for this giveaway - so   because it's Christmas and as a once onlly - I'm giving a copy of the book to all the people  you have nominated  yesterday here and on the PHS - so
- from the comments here
from the Pink Heart Society
I'd  love to send yuor special mother, sister, friend . . . an extra Christmas gift from me - and you. . .

So you know the drill  - please email me  - see the address at the bottom of the page  - and give me the address you want the book to be sent to - and please also tgell me who I should sign it for to make this extra special.  I do hope your  nominee will enjoy this gift -and I know it will warm their heart to know of the part you played in giving it to them.

One other prize - The Alcolar Family trilogy  - picking from the people who posted over on We Write Romance -  and the winner is -

Carol Woodruff

Carol please send me your postal address too and I can send the book to you.

Today's giveaway and question  -
The book I'm giving away today is another 3 in 1  - this one is called Mistresses  - Shackled with Rubies.
The collection has books in it by Lucy Monroe and Lee Wilkinson as well as my novel.  And the novel of mine that is in this collections is quite an oldie - it's  Her Secret Bridegroom that was originally published in 2000.

Bride by deception!
After a whirlwind wedding in Venice, Amy discovered that her brand-new husband had only married her to gain a priceless old ring. Fleeing Italy, Amy never told anyone of her marriage to ruthless billionaire Vincenzo Ravenelli.
Four years later, while Amy knew she'd never really love another man as she loved Vincenzo, she needed to be free of the past. The time had come to return to venice and confront her secret bridegroom . . .

And the question - well, I was going to ask this anyway but then I see that someone has already asked it over on the Pink Heart Society  too so if you want yo can go and add your comment there too

What was your favourite category romance read for 2011?

And no it doesn't have to be one of mine! - And yes, if you really can't decide then you can  give me your top five! But I'd love to know what you've enjoyed reading this year.


sleepysian said...

My favourite is 'Ordinary Girl in a Tiara' by Jessica Hart. The story is funny, romantic, has a heroine I can sympathise with and a gorgeous hero. It has everything it needs. A beginning that draws you in from the start and had me not wanting to put it down till I finished it.
A true brilliant read that will stay on my favourite book list.

Romance Reader said...

I read Ordiany Girl in a Tiara by Jessica Hart and loved it- but then she came up with The Secret Princess which was really good. The heroine, Lottie was very strong and wasn't afraid to do hard work.

Then I learnt a lot from KEPT FOR HER BABY by Kate Walker. It made me cry and laugh. It taught me about depression and love for a child a mother has. We always take our mother's love for us for granted, don't we? But what a mother has to do to be near her child?

This book will always be in my memory. For the emotional tension and love it has depicted.


Debby said...

One of my favorites was Rope In by Crystal Green. It is harf to pick just one.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Carol said...

It's impossible for me to pick one favorite, I always like the books I read. If I don't, I stop reading. So, I'll just go with the last book I read which was FLIRTING WITH DISASTER by Sherryl Woods. I loved the way the Mother/Son and mother/daughter prioblems were resolved with the son/daughter getting together and his mother finding a new sense of herself and a possible romance for her too. Happy endings all around, just what I like.

Mary Preston said...

I'll go with my most recent read GIRL IN THE BEDOUIN TENT by Annie West. Such a wonderful story.

Maria said...

Thank you for that Kate, email sent.

My favourite romance novel this year was yours, 'The Proud Wife'. I reviewed it on 'Goodreads'. I thought the main character Marina practically walked off the pages.


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