Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Countdown to Christmas 3

Thank you to everyone who came by to tell me a bit  more about yourself yesterday -  it seems that my readers are spread far and wide, which is wonderful.

First - some lucky winners
 Over on Romance Book Paradise, the winner of the 12 Point Guide To Writing Romance is Juanita Kees
and my first Countdown winner  is Sunu

Please email me  - see the  link at the bottom of my web site hom page - with your postal address abd I'll get the prize in the post to you.

To those who didn't win  - please make sure you come back every day and join in as there are still lots of prizes to win, right up until Christmas.

Today's giveaway book is an older novel - At The Sheikh's Command was published in 2006.

Abbie Cavanaugh's young brother is in jail. Abbie can obtain his freedom - but only if she marries the Sheikh of Barakhara.
And bedded...
The explosive passion between Prince Malik and Abbie could turn a marriage of convenience into one of Eastern promise.
By The Sheikh!
But neither Abbie nor Malik knows the other's real identity. Can their relationship survive once the truth is revealed?

And today's question is -  how do you decorate your house for Christmas? Do you like traditional  decorations - holly, tree, candles - or do you go for something different? If you don't live in the UK or USA please let me know what is a 'traditional'  way of decorating for you.

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for another giveaway . . .


Julie said...

I suppose we're quite restrained with our choice of Christmas decorations. Mostly we stick with just a traditional looking tree decorated with red and gold baubles, tinsel and lights. We have a quirky angel on the top though. She's a teddy bear.

Debby said...

I am traditional but we do not do outside lights. We like to put the tree in front of the window. Right now, I am sorting through my basement to see if they are OK. We had a flood in the basement. Bummer
debby236 at gmail dot com

Lois said...

Definitely traditional, with red and green, poinsettias (albeit fake, but still LOL)... wreaths, tree... but I do prefer to put them up at least when the calendar turns to December. I rather like Thanksgiving, so I prefer keeping the Santas out of the way for the Pilgrims and Indians. :)

Oh, and perhaps some of the tree decorations aren't all that traditional... sure, there are snowmen, santas, etc, but they are next to space shuttles, Darth Vader, NY Mets mascots and many a Bert and Ernie. ;) Oh, and that's all my stuff, I have no kids or anything like that. LOL


chey said...

Traditional with Santa, Reindeer and Snowmen too.

gigi said...

We are a traditional Christmas tree family. My tree is covered in Hallmark ornaments that I have been collecting since 1978.
I have a Christmas porcelain doll that plays I Saw Mommie kissing Santa Claus. My mom gave me this doll when I was first married. That was 27 years ago.
I still also hang the stockings for my girls.

lidia said...

Hi there Kate!

We are pretty traditional. We have icicle lights outside along the roof line. Years ago we would go to a Christmas tree farm and cut down our tree. Nowadays we go to a local nursery and pick one up -- usually a balsam or a fraser fir.

Our tree is filled with ornaments -- some "home made" some very old and many different ornaments with spiders and spiderwebs. Being of Eastern European descent the legend of the Christmas Spider is very special to us. I am always on the lookout for new spider/spiderweb ornaments.

Mary Preston said...

Decorating for Christmas is mostly about the Christmas tree for us. We do have a few treasured decorations that get put around the house, such as The Nativity. I'm always afraid of lights setting the house on fire, so no lights.

Nas said...

Hi Kate!

Due to foul weather I missed in yesterday's conversation but anyway I live in Fiji and it's a former British colony and a small Island nation in the South Pacific.

So here we probably follow the English way of celebrating Christmas. There are huge trees and Santas all around with lights and tinsel. It's all so exciting!

And we already have our trees decorated.

Please do not enter me in the contest as I've already read this book. I just wanted to join in the conversation!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Maria said...

My in-laws are Hindu and I live with them. All the kids in the family, nieces and nephews as well as my own, have been to Christian schools and know the traditions so I do put up a Christmas tree, although I hesitated to do so initially.

I also like to put up a crib showing the nativity scene as it's a tradition in my Irish home. I used to have trouble with that as the pieces would go missing all the time. My mother has solved my problem. She went on a trip to the Holy Land and purchased a lovely gift for me - a small nativity scene carved from a single piece of wood. That's one of my favourite Christmas gifts of all time.

Now about sheikhs - my daughter Riya has a teacher called Mrs. Sheikh. Yes, it's her surname. As teachers here are called 'Ma'am' and as the word 'sheikh' is pronounced 'shake' here in India, we refer to her as 'Ma'am Shake'!

Adriana said...

In Italy we have the "traditional" Christmas decorations such as the tree with all the little sparking lights, the stars the angels and so on. What can not be missing is, anyway, what we call Presepe (I think the English word is crib?) with all the small figures of baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph, the ox and the donkey, the shepards and the their sheep, the comet and, on Jan 6th, the three kings from the East and their precious gifts (gold incense and myrrh). Every single years new figures are added in our Presepe especially the small domestic animals and people my son does at school.
But above all, it's not a real Xmas if we do not have the typical Italian cakes (Panettone and Pandoro) on our table!

Laney4 said...

Just wanted to say hi, Kate. ("Hi, Kate!") Don't enter me in your draw, thanks. I read AT THE SHEIKH'S COMMAND and loved, loved, loved it. In fact, I think I fell in love with the sheikh too!
I hope your December isn't as busy as some Decembers have been, and I sincerely hope you get to read some books during your Christmas break, Kate! Merry Christmas!


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