Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Quick catch up

Did you have a lovely Christmas? I hope so
Ours was a quiet,  fun and throughly enjoyable - so there was no reason at all for me to feel so tired on Boxing Day! I spent most of Monday curled up with one of the many books I received as welcome gifts and didn't really do very much at all. 

So today I still need to pick 2 winners for rthe copies of Mediterranean Tycoons!   It's been  difficult to persuade Charlie to come and pick any names and he has been so stuffed full of cat treats that he has  been outside running off the full tummy he's had all over Christmas.

Anyway - he's come back now and the names of the winners he has picked are :
  So please send me your  postal addresses ladies and as the Post Office opens again tomorrow, I'll get these prizes out to you.

It was supposed to ber the 12 Day s of  Christmas  Countdown to Christmas but  time ran away with me  - so to make the number up to 12 and to celebrate  the coming New Year, I'll have two more giveaways today  to finish off.

We're also celebrating the fact that today it is 4 years since Flora  came to live in this house and we had our first Maine Coon  ever.  So to mark this occasion it will be Flora who will pick the  prizewinners of the last two books.

The prize this time is one of two copies of an Australian collection  - The Greek Collection  The Price of Passion.   This contains a 'golden oldie' of mine - a 1999 book  called Constantine's Revenge.  This book has recently be rereleased as an ebook  on eHarlequin

His plan was to make her his mistress. . .
When Constantine Kiriazis reappeared after two years, Grace thought that he'd finally forgiven her for her lack of trust in him - and for cancelling their wedding. Certainly, Constantine's desire for had not waned. But neither had his desire for revenge . . .
He fully intended to seduce Grace, but vowed she'd only ever be his mistress - never his wife. It was only when she melted in his arms that Constantine began to wonder just who was exacting the revenge and who was paying the price?

And the question?

Well,  Christmas is behind us now  so let's look forward to the New Year.
Will you be making resolutions this year or is that somethign you're going to avoid this time?
What resolutioms do you think will matter mostn to you for 2012 - even is it's just not to make any resolutions at all!

Post your comments  over the next couple of days and when Flora has finished her special  chicken paté to celebrate coming to live here, she'll  pick some prize-winners.


Summer said...

I never do resolutions, but I certainly hope to improve my writing. Happy New Year!

Laney4 said...

I too don't make resolutions, per se; I start up things throughout the year instead. I have been trying to lose weight by cutting back on portions and eliminating night-time snacks; sometimes I succeed; sometimes I don't. I was losing weight last year when I had to start a new medication, and the pounds packed back on. I got off the medication a couple of months ago and the weight started dropping again, and then my symptoms recurred and back I went on the medication. It's a never-ending battle.
So ... not just on Jan 1 but throughout the year too, I am trying to lose weight and "gradually" go off my medication; it could take years, but I really don't have much choice at this stage in the game. I continue playing as much badminton as possible (5 nights a week throughout the school year and 2 nights a week throughtout the summer in a non-air-conditioned gym), but sitting on my butt working (and blogging) doesn't help. Oh well. Priorities!
Happy New Year, Kate!

Elisa DeLany said...

Gasp! I'll send you my address right away, Kate!

I did a new years resolution a few years ago. I gave up chocolate for the year to see if I could. I did it, but it was ridiculously hard, and I fell on brownies as soon as the clock struck 12:01.

I'm not sure if I'll do anything this year. Maybe I'll write five pages per day on my novel for the year.

Julie said...

I don't plan on making on any resolutions as I know that I'd not manage to stick to them.

Debby said...

I am not sure if I want to make a resolution or not. I find they are hard to keep and often unrealistic.
debby236 at gmail dot com

chey said...

I haven't got any resolutions planned for this New Year.

Mary Preston said...

See, that's me, the non-resolution type. If I make resolutions I never keep them & then I feel bad. I no longer do that to myself.

Carol said...

I gave up making resolutions years ago because I was never able to keep them for the whole year. I am always trying to lose weight, but New Years Resolutions have never helped. Hope you have a great New Year.

Colleen said...

Oh Wow! Thank you for the book win Kate... oh also thank Charlie for me too! This is such a wonderful surprise! I am sending off an e-mail now!
As for resolutions... I usually do not bother, but for this upcoming year I think I will give myself one and see how I do...

TashNz said...

Hi Kate, mine is simple, make more ME time so i can read more :)

Maria said...

I have to learn to drive this year. My confidence is a bit low to handle the roads where I am but I need to get about and my kids need to be brought out here and there and there's no one to do it for us. I put off having lessons earlier because the kids kept me so busy but the youngest is eight years old now and it's high time I did.


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